Night at the Museum 3: Secrets of the Tomb

Anyone who know me well will know two very important things about me. The first is that I like to go to the cinema a lot and the second, that for the past two years I have been doing film reviews on my youtube channel. Now I will be doing a review of Night at the museum: Secrets of the Tomb on my channel in the next few days but for now I wanted to get some thoughts down here.

I am very fortunate that I live in a place which has multiple cinemas to choose from and that this festive period has a wealth of great films to choose from but as soon as I saw that this film was out therewas really only ever one choice. I have seen the first two films in this trilogy so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the final film, or to see one of the final on screen performances from the wonderful and incredibly talented Robin Williams. I must admit that seeing him in this film and saying goodbye to his character in this film did bring this audience, myself included into a very emotional state.


Ben Stiller takes the lead in this film as Larry Daley alongside his son played by Skyler Gisondo as well as all the regular characters that we have come to know and love. One of the good things about this film is that as well as bringing in new characters such as Lancelot played by Dan Stevens, Tilly played by Rebel Wilson and Merenkahre played by Ben Kingsley, It also brings back Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs who played the night time security guards from the first film. While those three guys only havea brief moment in the film, it was still nice tosee them one last time.

Shifting the focus of the film across to London and several of the main cast along with it is where the majority of the main action happens and where the climax of the film comes to ahead. Before any real action can take place however, this film does what a lot of american films do when shifting to London and uses establishing shots of Big Ben and other famous landmarks set to the all to familiar tune of London Calling by the clash. Not that there is anything wrong with that but with afilm aimed at families it is something to be expected.The main drivingplot of the film is the quest to find Merenkahre and repair the tablet before the magic is gone forever with a relationship between Rebel Wilson and Laaa plus father son conflict between Larry and Nick Daley acting as the film subplots. Neither of these two subplots add that much substance to the plot but neither do they take to much away from the central plot, although the Relationship between Laaa and Tilly does pay off quite nicely in the end with a parody of a very famous dance move.

owen steveOctavius and Jedediah played by Steve Coogan and Own Wilson respectively get there only subplot inthis film as they go on one of their little adventures. These two actors and their characters in this film work really well together and helps to increase the tension in the film whileat same time providing some laughs along the way. What was interesting about this film is that it takes the audience and the cast to a new location that is waking up for the very first time so no one has any clue what to expect although the trailers might have given a bit to much away on that front.

Conflict in thisfilm comes from an unlikely but understandable place and while there no trulybad guys in this film, the fact that Lancelot takes the tablet right when they are about to save it does provide an emotional climax as well as a chase through london and a very interesting cameo from an actor playing king arthur who channels the wolverine. The climax of the film takes place on the rooftop of a London theatre as time starts to run out for the characters we have come to know and love, Larry Daley and Sir Lancelot come to terms with who they are and what they need to do. It is a very emotional scene and provides a very touching moment in particular between Larry and Dexter as the magic looks like it will finally run out.

rickyOne character that I haven’t mentioned yet is Dr. McPhee played by Ricky Gervais who only has a small part in this film but helps to move the plot along. Some of his interactions with Ben Stiller earlier in the film where not quite up to the standard that I usually expect from him. However it is clear that he fits in well the rest of the cast and it is nice to see him take more of an active part in this film even though it is still only in small parts. This film wrapped up the story in a really nice way and I am so very happy that this character finally got to see just how the magic happens.

In conclusion I thought that the story in this film worked really well and it was very nice to see lots of returning characters as well as host of new ones who all added something special. It is a fitting end to the Night at the Museum trilogy and it saying goodbye to this cast and in particular Robin Williams was a very funny and an incredibly emotional experience. If you have seen this film I hope that you enjoyed it, if not, I highly recommend going to see it on the big screen.

You can check my youtube review of it here.


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