Top Ten films of 2014

In no particular order my Top Ten Films of 2014 are: GuardiansGuardians of the Galaxy is the first film on my list and for good reason, It is an excellent film with an incredible story, great use of sound and visually it looks stunning. I knew next to nothing about this group of characters before I went to see it but this film does a great job of informing the audience of who they are and how they came together. It is like having the Avengers in space but even funnier and way more epic, it just goes to show that you can make a superhero film that is fun and entertaining at the same time. Unlike the good guys the motivations for the villain of this film are not that clear and he doesn’t get as much character development but that’s ok because overall this film is really good. future past X-Men Days of Future past is the Next film of my list as X-Men old and new join forces to stop a war before it even began. This film also does a great job of fixing the timeline of the X-Men universe by writing the wrongs done by previous parts of the series. We also get to see some of the mutants in this film using their powers to have a bit of fun and we get to learn more about the X-men’s past. The future was interesting to look at and the combat there was cool to watch even if it wasn’t focused on as much as the past was. The interactions between the X-men from the past and the future added a nice touch to the story and it will be good to see what happens now the timeline has been altered. cap Captain America: The winter Soldier is the next film on my list and is an intriguing in the fact that it combines the superhero genre with that of the spy film. This film is a complete game changer for the marvel cinematic universe and is a complete step after from his last solo effort. It has a really good story which deals with the fallout and consequences of the first Captain America film and his battles with an old friend provide much needed drama. Black Widow has a bigger part to play in this film and with a host of new characters plus lots of very intense action scenes, this is a film that is not to be missed. If you like marvel films then you will definitely want to see this film. edge Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat is a film where a man who is forced onto the front lines is killed but instead of dying he picks up a unique ability. This story is like an action filled version of the classic film Groundhog Day but with aliens where cage learns how to control his ability while working on a way to defeat an enemy that knows they are coming. The time travel element of this film is particularly interesting and it is intriguing to think about all the things you could do differently if you had the chance. You can really see just how much the main character develops over the course of the narrative and the end sequence ups the stakes considerably. For something a bit different I would watch this. whiplash Compared to the films that have been on my list so far Whiplash is a little bit different as it tells a story in a rather unique way. This is a film that I got to see for a fiver at a preview event a full month before it came out in cinemas. I had no idea what I was seeing or what it was about but this film completely blew me away with the intense performance from the two main co-stars. A student has a dream to become one of the greats and he is pushed to the limit and beyond by a mentor who will stop at nothing to help him get there. The use of sound and camerawork is very unconventional but it creates a very engaging story that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat and it is a great film that you should really see. padd Paddington is the next film on my list and it is certainly a lot less intense that previous films on my list. This film is about a bear who leaves his home in the search for a new one in London and the adventures he has along the way. Lots of well known actors star in a feature film that is suitable for the whole family and there are many laughs to be had. The story is fairly straight forward and it will have you laughing and crying in no time plus the villain of the film ads a nice amount of danger for the hero. Paddington comes into the lives of the family of Mr and Mrs Brown changing there lives for the better and you can really see the effect that this bear has on the cast/audience alike. It is a must see film. lego Everything is awesome is the main tagline of this film and it is pretty clear to see why when you watch this film. It has nice story that will appeal to both adults and children and it also has a very catchy soundtrack. I had no idea if a film about lego people in a lego world could work but it does and it works well. I got a lot of views for the review I did of this on my Youtube channel which shows just how popular this film was when it came out. whatever age you are I am sure that you will have a good time watching this film. It also features a whole host of well known characters and visually the style of the film is just incredible. If you want a fun film to see then I would definitely recommend watching this. dragon 2How To Train your Dragon 2 makes a welcome return to the big screen with all the well known characters that we have come to know and love plus a few new faces. The thought of Vikings on Dragons is a fascinating idea and one that is done so very well in this film. The look and style of this film is just incredible and the dragons are just amazing. Toothless is one of my favourite characters in the film and the interactions between him and his rider Hiccup are particular worth watching. This film also has a bit of romance, a reuniting family and dragons battling against a villain that seeks to control them. The sequel focuses on what it means to be a leader and is well worth a watch. riotThe penultimate spot on my list goes to The Riot Club which is another film that I didn’t expect to see in 2014 but I am so glad that I did. This is a very dramatic family which offers a fascinating insight into the way we perceive the rich and the way that those characters perceive people less well off than themselves. It also features a blossoming romance that is put to the test over the course of the film. The Riot Club is comprised of a select group of individuals who see themselves as above ordinary folk. The story is really interesting and shows the progress from innocent behaviour to something very far more serious. It is a marvellous piece of filmmaking that needs to be seen to be believed. dawn Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes up the last spot on a list of Top Ten Films of 2014 and it is truly one of the best films of the year. This film is set ten years after the event of the previous film and focuses on an ape colony and a group of humans survivors who just want to restore access to a power source. It is this and the inevitable conflict that follows where we find the main focus of the story. The apes uses of sign language resulting in the use of subtitles for the audience is different but it works. Conflict between the apes and between humans keeps things interesting and while some of it results in obvious conclusions the rest provides some interesting twists and turns. You should watch it.

These are my Top Ten Films of 2014 and I am interested in hearing what you thought of the films on my list as well as what films you would include on yours. Hope you enjoyed reading this and why not follow me to see more blog posts.


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