Focus (Film Review)

From the guys that Brought you the film Bad Santa and Cats & Dogs comes a film about Con Artists starring Will Smith as Nicky who finds, trains and falls in love Jess a.k.a Margot Robbie. While Nicky works as part of a thirty strong team of Con artists, the audience only gets to interact and learn more about a couple of the characters and very few of the people we see in the first half of the film make it into the second half.


I have been a big fan of Will Smith ever since I first saw him in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and when I found out he was in this film I just had to go and see it. Over the course of the film his character is well developed as is the story of the relationship between himself and jess. His performance is incredible and I thought he did a great job throughout this film and has some really good scenes.


Margot Robbie as Jess is an interesting character and works well alongside Will Smith. Jess goes from learning the ropes to being Nicky’s equal and the on screen chemistry between these two makes for some very dramatic scenes. Some of the best scenes are when these two are working off each other however, it would have been interesting to see a bit more of what Margot Robbie can do on her own as that in itself provides for some great story moments.

Focus is a really interesting film split into two halves with the first being quite action packed and fast paced while the second half is a lot slower but has some equally if not more dramatic moments. The con’s especially the big ones of which there are two in this film are intriguing and at times nail biting to watch. Some of the twists and turns in this film are fairly obvious and you will see coming from a mile off but these are well balanced by the ones that come out off nowhere and in some cases might be enough to make you jump.


Overall I would say that Focus is an incredible well shot film, brilliantly edited and features an amazing cast but ultimately the main focus of this film is the relationship that develops between Nicky and Jess. The story is good and while some might see the slower second half as a negative thing I actually think it works rather well and you should definitely go and see it. Focus is well worth a watch and I highly recommend checking it out.


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