Pitch Perfect 2

Like most people I assumed the original pitch perfect wasn’t going to amount to much and wouldn’t be my sort of thing but oh my was I wrong. The first film was a bit of a sleeper hit but pitch 2when it did hit, it turned into something incredible andso like many successful films thesedays, a sequel was all but inevitable. While this film starts off feeling a lot like the first one but once people are settled in it takes the audience in a new direction. Anna Kendrick gets an internship, there are more romance subplots, a rival german accapella group and even snoop dogg makes a brief cameo. He is not the only one but as there scene is quite hilarious I won’t spoil it for you.

If you liked the first film or you just want to go to the cinema to have a good time then I am sure you will love this. It is a great family film or maybe a good choice for a date but whoever you decide to see it with or why, this film is definitely worth a watch.


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