A Productive Day

This Monday was one of my busiest and most productive days that I have had in a while. It involved a lot of travel, a trip to the cinema and some networking. The travel as it always does, comes first and saw me head out from my home earlier in the morning than I have been used to as of late. My purpose for this early morning epic was to go to a job interview at Ideal World in Peterborough. The journey itself was took about an hour and a half and unlike my last trip there were no troublesome toddlers to worry about.

Thankfully my train arrived when it was supposed to and I arrived at the interview with plenty of time to spare, they all seemed pretty nice and I even bumped into a friend who was working there which was nice. Overall I thought that the interview went well and I am glad that I took the time to do some preparation and my research into the company itself proved handy. To top it all off I even got to go on a tour behind the scenes and see all of the facilities which was really cool and hopefully I will get the chance to go back.

My initial intention was to stay in peterborough for a little while after the interview but the weather wasn’t to good so I decided to come home on what turned out to be the busiest train that I have ever been on. Luckily I got a seat and arrived home in good time but instead of going home I decided to stay out for a little while, take in a film and even had a little look around the city centre. The film that I saw was Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which I had been thinking of seeing for a while and as I was already in it seemed a shame to waste such a good opportunity. However, at this point I was still in my suit that I wore to the interview so I did feel a little bit out of place in the cinema but I just didn’t care and I’m glad because I really enjoyed the film. I will do a full review either on here or on my youtube channel or probably both soon but for now lets just say that it is worth a watch.

Once again I found myself at the station and once again heading away from it an back into the city, this time it was to get some food in preparation for a networking night called Shooters in the Pub. Shooters meet on the first monday of the month at Cinema City in Norwich and is a great opportunity to meet, network and even make plans with other creative people from the city and further afield. If you are in the creative field or want to meet anyone who is I would highly recommend checking out this networking event. I stayed for a few hours but as the sun went down I realised that I was getting pretty tired so I said my goodbyes, walked to the station one final time and headed for home.


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