Friends, Family and Food

Three guesses as to what this blog post is going to be about. This weekend just gone involved a lot of good food as well opportunities to catch up and hang out with good friends as well as family. I managed to pack a lot into the weekend just gone and did a lot of miles in the car, which left me pretty tired by the end of it, but we couldn’t have picked a better weekend for it.

11884085_10207400367468320_620253081136283740_oThe weekend started of with a BBQ at the house of my Good friend Mr Chris Turner, I have known him a long time and have had many a gathering there. We had good weather, good food and lots of Laughs, it was certainly a great day for a BBQ. Even though there was quite a bit of wind, we managed to have a really fun time and even got to play a fun trivia game called Geek out. While everyone else bid each other up and bluffs were called myself and my friend lauren stayed out and were rewarded we joint second place at the end of the game.

After a while it started to get a little bit chilly so we headed inside to play some more games including Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up and a cool drinking themed game called Red Dragon Inn. Cards Against Humanity is billed as the card game for horrible people and I was either being particular horrible or maybe I just knew people’s tastes to well and managed to eak out a win. Mind you it was pretty close and it is a game that never fails to bring out quite a few laughs.

Next up we played Heads up, a game where you have to guess what word is on the screen from the clues given to you by your friends. I had seen this played before and it seemed like a lot of fun so I was eager to give it a go. There are tons of different categories to choose from including, films, Games and talent shows, but the one that I excelled the most at was the Harry Potter themed round. I will admit that at the start of the round I drew a bit of blank but quickly recovered to complete a pretty convincing win, however when it came to the Pokemon round I had to abstain as I can remember very little about that show. Last of all we played a game called Red Dragon Inn where you make people drink and gamble, all to see who is the last player standing. It was a pretty fun game, although some of us were getting pretty tired by that point, so as soon as that game ended we decided to call it a day.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get a chance to lay in on the sunday, no that day saw me and the rest of my family heading down to a small village just outside of Chelmsford for some food with some more of my relatives. The occasion was special as it was for my nan’s upcoming birthday and I was looking forward to it a lot as it is not often I get to see my grandparents and considering it was the same time as V festival was on, I think we were lucky to get away with no major traffic issues. Another thing that was pretty nice about it was the fact that some of my cousins were there too. We don’t get together all that often either so it was nice to catch up with them.

The restaurant we attend was charming indeed and the staff were ever so delightful, it was truly a pleasure to eat there and if I ever remember the name of the establishment I will be sure to recommend it to you as well. People close to me will know that I like my food but I often don’t go to places that are all that fancy so I was a bit nervous about eating there but as soon as I saw the menu I was instantly a lot happier. Sure it was fancy food but boy oh boy was it delicious, there was something for everyone (even the fussy eaters). My favourite part of the entire experience was the pudding and that was because of these rather tasty apple pancakes, complete with ice-cream and stick toffy round the outside of the plate. Individually these elements are all pretty good but when combined they are absolutely incredible and while I only had one I could have easily had more.

Like all good things however it had to come to an end and after saying goodbye to the grandparents we headed off to our cousins place for a drink and a chat which was a nice way to end a truly incredible weekend. Drinks were consumed, conversation was held and as the sun began to set we made for home.




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