Brickfest 2015


Brickfest is an annual charity music event held at the Brickmakers on the August Bank Holiday and featured 39 different artists across three stages. The Brickies stage is the main one with a whole host of great music and is usually where people start and end the day while the B2 stage is used primarily for the heavier side of Rock & Roll. Last of all is the Outdoor stage where all of the acoustic music happens and where I spent most of the day.


Rhea was the first person I saw on the outdoor stage and she really got the day off to a good start and I really enjoyed listening to her performance and the next guy was also pretty great as well. This was my third year in a row at this event and I remembered Rhea for previous times but this guy was new and after seeing his set I would certainly like to hear him play again sometime.

IMG_20150831_165230 PP3 was up next on the outdoor stage and there were more than worth waiting for, the band contains members from the band Pure Passion who I saw later in the day. If you get the chance to see them live I would highly recommend it as their performance will absolutely blow you away.


Speaking of Pure Passion here is a shot of them while they were performing on stage. These people are incredibly talented musicians and their rendition of I Would Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf is better than you could ever imagine. There were a lot of great acts at Brickfest this year and their performance was of the highlights from such an incredible day. They are absolutely brilliant and I am really looking forward to the next time that I get to see them live.


After seeing Pure Passion wow the crowds on the main stage I decided to stick around for a little while and see who else was on and as the weather still wasn’t very good outside it was also a good opportunity to warm up a little bit as well as a great time to get a drink or two. During this time I also struck up conversation with those who were sitting and standing near by and while I can’t remember everything we talked about I do remember that everyone said that they were having a good time and with so many amazing people performing it was to hard to see why they were so happy.

IMG_20150831_170610775I got to listen to so much great music that day and one song that really stuck out for me was Play that Funky Music, originally by Wild Cherry and performed at Brickfest by The Collective. This song never fails to get people up, dancing and generally having a lot fun in the process. I can’t think of a better way to spend a bank holiday with everything from recent releases to absolute classics, there truly was a song for everyone to enjoy.

Following some incredible performances on both the Main stage and the B2 I decided to once again head outside to the Acoustic stage to see who was out there but before I got to it I thought I would go and check out the food tent instead. The food tent has a good view of the Acoustic stage and while there isn’t much on the menu the food they served was very tasty and definitely worth the cost.


As I said earlier, the Acoustic stage is where I usually spend most of my time at Brickfest and this year was no exception. There was a really good range of artists on this stage, some of which I had seen before and some that I was just seeing for the first time. This stage has a rather unique atmosphere as unlike the other two it feels a lot more chilled out and relaxed while still retaining that sense of fun. Grant Ley and his backup singer Emma were just incredible to watch and engaged with the crowd really well and even everyone including myself to sing along which I had a lot of fun doing. Despite being a member down the Tesla Jets were just exceptional, a great crowd pleaser with some amazing covers and their own works which were just brilliant.

Brickfest 2015 was absolutely marvellous, I had lots of fun and listened to many great songs performed by incredibly talented and well rehearsed musicians but the best was yet to come. I had been looking forward to seeing Addisons Uncle headline the Acoustic stage all day and not even the sun going down was going to ruin their set so the audience, myself included got out our phones and provided our own lights. Now watching a seven piece folk band illuminated by torchlight was not only an incredible experience but also the highlight of my day.




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