Monthly Board Gaming.

On the first sunday of the month Athena Games in Norwich hosts an evening of board games for people to come and have a go at. Alongside the games that the store has available to have a go at they also pick one game to showcase and this month it was the well known and well received 7 Wonders.

7 Wonders looked like an incredible game and I had hoped to give it a go as it would have been good to learn the game and how it plays. However I did come in use that evening as a group of people wanted to learn how to play Red Dragon Inn and I was one of the few people available who knew how to play it. The game itself is a lot of fun and involves making other characters get drunk and lose there money which always leads to a lot of fun and laughter.

IMG_20150731_083510After the fun of Red Dragon Inn I delved into an 8 player game of Mascarade. Mascarade is a game where players start with six coins and are randomly dealt a random character card with the gaol of getting to 13 coins. Now this seems like an easy task but with everyone’s roles hidden throughout the game and the ability to swap people roles, things can start to get hectic pretty quickly.  I had no idea what was going on for most of the game and while I had no real strategy to what I was doing, I somehow managed to get 1 up on my initial start of 6.

Last up was a couple games of Werewolf and with so many versions of this type of game out there it was nice to play one that was just a little bit different. I was on the werewolf team for both games which was kind of fun but I kind of wished that I had the chance to try one of the other roles. The first game started badly for the werewolves who were constantly thwarted by both the defender and the witch who later on managed to kill me with one of her potions. The second game went a lot better for the werewolves with the added benefit of the witch taking out the defender and the elder who had fallen in love with a werewolf.

The Monthly Board Game evening at Athena Games is always a lot of fun and gives people a chance to meet new people and try new games. I have tried many new games at these events and made some good friends there as well. If you are in the Norwich area I would highly recommend trying out this event and If you are interested in more regular gaming then check out Nobog on twitter and come down to the Mash Tun on tuesday nights at 7:30. However I will be going into my experiences there on another blog post.


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