The Last of the Dragons

For the last three months the fine city of Norwich has been host to around 84 Dragons that had been created by various artists and placed all around to form a trail. This trail has excited and entertained all that have seen them but as summer draws to a close, so does the time of the Dragons.

IMG_20150901_165739Yes that’s right, its time for the Dragons to depart this fine city and return home but if you missed out on some then have no fear. The Dragons will be featured at the Forum in Norwich from the 27th – 30th of September before being auctioned off in early October.

There have been several incredible art projects over the years including one year when Gorillas were present and another which featured Elephants. While all have these have been absolutely incredible my favourite has got to be the Dragons. Not are they only my favourite mythical creature but they are also have there own unique styles and influences.


I managed to find quite a few of the Dragons while they have been in Norwich and I shall definitely be attending the event at the forum to try and spot some of the ones that I missed. I can confidently say that I am not the only one that is sad that they are gone and I think that the organisers should consider this project a huge success. The Dragons have been amazing and I am looking forward to seeing what will come next.


If you want to see a bit more of the Dragons that have inhabited the fine city of Norwich over the last three months then click on the link below to see what else I had to say about them. As well as that you can also see a few more of the Dragons themselves, all you have to do if click on the link and leave me a comment about your favourite Dragon.

A Fine City of Dragons.



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