3 Guillotines 2 Japanese Gardens & 1 Night at NoBog

I have been attending Norwich’s weekly board gaming group, otherwise known as NoBog for about a year now and I have played a lot of new and interesting games. In addition to this I have also met a lot of people and made many good friends who I have played with on a number of occasions. Most of the time I tend to stick to playing against the same people but last night I played several times with people I don’t often get to play with which was pretty nice.

IMG_20150731_083510Lots of games on offer including Mice & Mystics, Lords of Waterdeep and The Game of Thrones board game 2nd edition just to name a few. These games filled up quite quickly but luckily I saw that there was a spot free on a game of Takenoko, a game that I had wanted to play agin for ages.

Takenoko is a game where players cultivate land plots, growbamboo with the help of a gardener and bear with the hunger of the sacred panda who just wants to eat it all. While I had played it before the first game was all about refreshing my memory of how to play it and my strategy of playing the long game was scuppered by the others players who all went on to get very good scores.


The game itself didn’t take that long so we decided to go for another and fortunately the second game went a lot better for all of us. My starting goals had such great synergy and with other players trying to complete similar goals, the whole thing went a lot better and I even managed  to tie for the lead.

Takenoko is a really fun game with a good amount if strategy to it and if you are looking for something you will enjoy then I would highly recommend giving this a go. After those game were over we had about an hour left of the night and while a group of people went of to play a game of One Night Ultimate werewolf a few of us decided to stay back and play something a bit more revolutionary.

GuillotineGuillotine is a game set during the French revolution where nobles are lined up for the chopping block and players collect whoever is at the front of the line. However the interesting part to this game is that before collecting the nobles players can manipulate the line order in order to harvest the nobles with the most points. Each Day consists of 12 nobles with only three days in each game and is a great choice for a filler game.

The first game went well and I managed to collect enough nobles to take the win by just one point although this only served to make me a target. For the next two games my luck and strategy did nothing for my point scores and saw me come both third and last. The games were enjoyable and a lot of fun was had by all and while I wish I did better in the second and third games it was nice to play with people that I don’t often get to play with.

If you are interested in playing board games, meeting new people and having a great time at an incredible venue right in the heart of Norwich then I would highly recommend coming down to The Mash Tun on Tuesday nights at 7:30. If you want to find out more then why not check out the links below.

NoBog on Twitter

The Nobog Blog


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