Birthday Vs Stag

Last Saturday was the birthday of my good friend Jonny Ellis and a group of us spent the day playing games and having a lot of fun. When I arrived there was only my friend David and the birthday boy Jonny Ellis so we sat down to play a few games including Divekick, The Yawhg and we finished with a three player game of Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary edition. DiveKick is simple enough to explain and we had a lot of fun playing that while The Yawhg is a really good cooperative story telling game, thre first of which saw me become a powerful sorcerer and the second involved being charming and partying a lot.


The 10th Anniversary Edition is absolutely stunning to look at and even better to play and for most of the game things looked pretty close, however by the end they were anything but. My friend David got stung for a huge 17 points and with the longest route plus huge tickets completed Jonny ran away with the lead. We pretended to have been kind to the birthday boy of course but in reality he just played a really good game, although I think a rematch is definitely in order.


The main part of the celebration was a trip to Quasar in Norwich, where 11 of us took on another party of 11 who as it happened where on a stag do. Quasar is a place where two teams battle it out with lasers in order to see who will get the most points. Our Birthday party group took up the mantle of the red team (the villains) while the stag do went blue (heroes). The stage was set for an epic battle between good and evil but it became quite clear that these heroes were no match for us.


In all fairness neither team really stuck to any kind of tactic but we had been there so many times in the past that we just knew what to do. We only had one game so we made the most out of the time we had and completely annihilated the heros stag do with some great teamwork and some even greater shooting. We don’t go there often but it is always fun when we do.

After our game at Quasar and our post match debrief we started to make our way back to my friends place but lost a few people along the way who had to head home. This left about 8 of us who went back and played some more social games including a heads up charades kind of game, spoons and an interlocking hand game which got very rhythmic at one point. Our fortunes in these games were very mixed but the one thing we all had was a lot of fun and I seem to remember the spoons game getting pretty hectic at one point.


Unfortunately both lauren and I were out by this point of the game but at least it gave me a chance to take some pictures and even a little bit of video. This game is as fun to watch as it is to take part in and pretty quickly we realised how close these rounds would be. One by one we were knocked out until only three were left, chris Jonny and Becky who all played a very good game but it was both Becky and Jonny who ultimately achieved victory. We played lots of different games over the course the day and had so much fun but by that point we were all getting a bit tired so after that game was over, the night came to a close.



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