Surrounded by Sausage

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I went round a friends house played game and even did a round of Quasar against a stag do. However before all of that I had some time to kill and on my way through Norwich I spotted several food stalls and lots of bikes because of the cycling tour of Britain which had just happened to have just gone through the city centre earlier that day.


Outside of the Forum was this cool bike track with lots of kids going round which certainly looked like fun. I only wish that I could of had a quick go round.

After spending some time at the forum I decided to head around the corner to the gardens behind the chapelfield shooping centre. This area has played host to a number of events, festivals and I have spent a lot of sunny days having picnics with friends.


This time chapelfield gardens featured a group musicians who rocked hard and sounded incredible. I didn’t catch there name but I will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.

There was so much on offer and I had hoped to try a little bit while I was there but I had ran out of time, so I made my way to my friends place and enjoyed the birthday celebrations. To see what we got up check out the link below.

Birthday vs Stag


Now you might think that this is the end and frankly so did I, but it turned out that this lasted for another day with the exception of the stalls and exhibits by the forum. I had no real plans for that sunday and I was out shopping with the family when a good friend texted me and asked if I wanted to meet up in the city. For this day it was Lauren Andy and myself who went to check out what was left of the food festival but this time it was a tad bit rainy.


It was at this point that we decided to head inside that big white tent that you see pictured above where we found many stalls selling a variety of tasty products.

We tasted little bits and pieces from a number of stalls and found several really delicious food stuffs. It was also where we discovered Lauren’s amazing ability to describe exactly what she was tasting which is a handy skill to have. Although I doubt that any of us will become food critics anytime soon.

After the delights of the big white tent we headed back outside to see what else was on offer and so we could decide what people wanted to eat. With so much great smelling food on offer it was unfortunate that I had eaten before coming out as I wasn’t that hungry. This left Lauren and Andy to decide what they wanted and after seeing their pulled pork burgers I almost went back and got my own.


This is where we got the food from and shows some of the selection on offer, although this photo was taken on the Saturday when it was a lot sunnier.

Last thing we did while there was to check out the sausage tasting competition where we tried around 10 different sausages and met a guy who loved being “surrounded by sausage”. We differed slightly on what we thought was the best sausage but it was quite a close decision.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 21.44.56After checking out the food festival we stopped by Langleys where Lauren picked up a game called Kabuki while Andy picked up Stay Away. Kabuki was all about memory while Stay away seemed to be all about changing places. The thing is the basis for Stay Away and proved quite entertaining, especially when we added more people to the game. I am really looking forward to giving these another go but all I can say for now is that these games were a lot of fun and such a great way to end the day.

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