The American, The Brit and The Weird

Last night at NoBoG I joined my good friend Lewis alongside a guy called paul and a guy who became known as American James for a game of Smash Up. This is a game where you take two faction decks and mix them together before battling against other players for the control of bases and of course the most points. Lewis also had the unenviable task of teaching three new players the game and I just wanted to say that he did a really good job of doing that.

IMG_20150915_222558115 Smash up has many expansions and Lewis has pretty much all of them which meant that there was a lot of combinations that we could make. I had no idea what any of them did so I went with a combo that sounded pretty cool, Magic Werewolves.


This is what my two decks looked like before I shuffled them together. The Wizard deck focused on drawing cards while the werewolves were all about minions and power.

I didn’t get off to a great start in this game as I often had way more action cards than I did minions and at one point I had six cards in my hand and none were minions. Eventually I did manage to get my act together and score some good points but my deck was outmatched by those of the other players and the experience of a man who knew the game a lot better than I did.


In this game my opposition Paul took control of Pirate Spies, Lewis went with SteamPunk Cats and American James went with Time Travelling Robots. Each deck had there own unique qualities and competition for destroying the bases was fierce with several being stolen just as players were about to call themselves victorious. I even managed to do this myself once but it was the SteamPunk Cats and the Time Travelling Robots who were most the successful at doing that.

At one point in the game I was on course to score a massive five points from a base but I was betrayed by the Pirate Spies who opened the door for the Time Traveling Robots to steal victory on their next turn. This was most unfortunate as it left me in last place with no hope of catching up, especially as the SteamPunk Cats were already clawing at the doors of victory. Lewis Who was in control by this point in the game executed his final moves and claimed victory over all, it was a fine win in a game that was a lot of fun to play.

IMG_20150915_223700863After we finished packing the decks back up into the Smash Up box we realised that we had just enough time for a filler game and so we broke out Lewis’s copy of Monty Python Fluxx. This game involves a very simple mechanic, draw one Play One but it usually doesn’t stay that way for long. It is a game that is constantly evolving and for fans of Monty Python it is always very fun.

Lewis began the game an instantly drew the Accent card which lets you draw an additional card if you do a funny accent and draw more if you keep it going. I wasn’t really in the mood for doing that and neither was anyone else it seemed which meant Lewis had to keep up an accent by himself, which he did rather well by the way. We also drew the singing card that lets you draw and play more if you sing a bit of a Monty Python song which saw parts of The Lumberjack song and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life being sung in the Mash Tun. Most of the onlookers seemed rather bemused by it all but all i know is that I had a lot of fun playing this game.

I was out of the running for most of this game of Monty Python Fluxx due to receiving several creepers which would have prevented me form winning. Luckily I drew a card to get rid of them but two turns later and some excellent play by Davy and the game was over. It is one of those games that can go on forever or even just take a couple of turns before suddenly ending when someone manages to claim victory. Being able to play with people who really get the Monty Python References makes a world of difference and meant that I throughly enjoyed playing this game.

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