Southwold by the Sea

The weather is an important topic in Great Britain as many of you might have noticed and this week it has been all over the place. So when we finally got a pretty decent looking sunny day, my parents and I took a trip across to Southwold on the Suffolk Coast. Southwold is a lovely place to go when it is sunny and while it did take about an hour to get there, it was more than worth the wait.

DSCN7399The first thing we did when we got there was to have a little walk down towards the pier. It is a great place to go as there are quaint tourist shops and nice places to grab a bit to eat or drink.

We also spotted a piece of cool looking artwork depicting George Orwell surrounded by quotes from his works. He had apparently spent time down there as a teenager which is why it was down by the pier. I had not known this and was surprised to see it but I was also rather impressed by the skill of the artist whose name I can’t quite remember right now.


After checking out the pier we moved further into the town where we checked out the market and took a nice walk around the area. We spotted a number of bakeries, teahouses and lovely looking restaurants but we passed them all, partly because we weren’t that hungry but partly because we hadn’t found what we were looking for yet.

DSCN7382On our walk we discovered the Adnams shop which sells their beer, wine and merchandise. The shop looked nice but I am not that interested in their products, plus some of the things were not that cheep.

In fact the most expensive thing that I found in that shop was a bottle of wine that was selling for around £400. I am not a big fan of wine and even if I was I don’t think I could ever justify spending that much money on just one bottle but for that price I bet it would be pretty great. Although the shop did seem to be doing pretty well and with their factory just down the road, it is clear that this must be a great selling point for tourists who want to come to Southwold.

DSCN7393Lastly we headed down towards the beach where we found a lovely place to have a nice bit of cake and a coke. We discovered a cool beach side property that I think my friends would love called Jabba the Hut.

We walked alongside the sea front back towards the pier and saw many more of these beach huts. They were all set up in a row and many featured cool designs and several had rather interesting names. It was a lovely sight to see and what a way to end a great day out with the family. I would highly recommend taking a trip down to Southwold as it is a great place to visit and while it may take a while to get there from where I am, it is always worth the trip.



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