The Great Dragon Gathering 2015

If you have been checking out my blog you may have noticed that I have written about the Dragons that had set up home in Norwich over the Summer. As September was drawing to a close these Dragons gathered at the Forum in Norwich city centre where they could all be seen one last time.


I went to see them on tuesday and saw a lot of Dragons that I had spent time looking for around Norwich but also many that I simply did not have time to go and find including this one. I saw it and thought that it was rather magnificent. This was one of the more impressive looking Dragons and instantly went onto the list of my favourite Dragons. That List includes the Nelson inspired one, the skeleton one and a really cool one that was called the Mother of Dragons which reminded me of Game of Thrones.

There were just so many Dragons inside and on the square outside and I was looking forward to seeing them all in the one location. In fact one of my friends from my tuesday board gaming group was there to make sure the public knew what was going on. It was great to be able to chat to them  for a little while before my friend had to get back to helping out the general public with there questions.


Outside of the Forum where the sun was shining sat even more Dragons, protected by a barrier to keep the nice and safe which meant the public had to go round this one way system to see them all properly. I thought that this was a nice idea as it allowed people to see all the Dragons and be able to take pictures of them in a safe environment, even if some of the people were moving around it a bit too slowly.  I enjoyed seeing them all together and took many pictures as you can probably tell.


October first sees the Dragons auctioned off in a event at the Forum where the money raised will go to Break, a charity that whose vision is to ensure children, young people and families reach their full potential and shape their own futures in a safe and creative environment. I am looking forward to hearing how well these Dragons do and just how much money has been raised for such a good cause. If you have a favourite Dragon then let me know in the comments below and why not check out some of my other posts about the Dragons to see even more pictures.


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