Masquerading Gangster Racing Gamers

When I walked in to NoBoG this week there were already people showing off there games and I immediately knew what I wanted to play. A guy that I had perviously played the Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd edition with returned to NoBoG this week with a copy of a really fun dice rolling racing game called Formula D.

The game involves rolling dice and the higher gear you go into, the higher number you can roll on he dice and the further you can get round the track. However if you go to fast or spend to much time next to other players then you will run the risk of taking damage and crashing out of the race.

A poor dice role to begin with saw me starting near the back of the grid where I also managed to stall my car on the very first go, safe to say that was not a good start. Although it did mean that I had a bit of breathing room at the start, which was important in a 7 player game.

IMG_20150929_205905432Halfway round the track and luck was back on my side. Not only had I caught up but I had also managed to get past enough players to secure fourth place.

The competition for the lead however was just hotting up with some impressive manoeuvres on all sides. Unlike most players I had managed to avoid taking any damage until the penultimate corner where I decided to take the risk just so I stood a chance of taking third but ultimately had to settle for fourth. The competition for first was interesting as it saw the lead guy pipped to the post by the only girl at the track. We all seemed to have a lot of fun playing this game  that was very chaotic at times, especially with so many players but that just made it even better. I had wanted to play this game for ages and I would highly recommend giving the game a go if you ever get the chance.


After we finished playing Formula D we broke out another fun game called Ca$h & Gun$ and as I share a name with this character, who else could I choose. My special power was to be able to deny players certain types of loot if I didn’t cower out or wasn’t shot that is. Naturally my power resulted in a lot of enemies who wanted me out of the round and led me to getting shot at least once.

I don’t always put the extra powers in play and was interested in giving this one a go although my power turned out to be a lot more trouble than it was worth. The aim of this game is to have the most loot, still be alive at the end of the game and maybe pick up so bonus points if you are lucky. I went for the risky strategy of going for paintings, these are not worth much by themselves but when put together, they are worth an absolute fortune. Unfortunately for me there was another player who was also after the paintings and this meant that we each only got 60,000 for them which sounds like a lot but really isn’t.

We managed to kill off two characters out of the 7 at the table and while they were all pointing at the likes of me, some of the other players managed to slip through unnoticed and take victory with so rather impressive scores. Ca$h & Gun$ is a great game to play with a group of friends and can be picked up very quickly, there are options to make it more interesting and there will even be an expansion, although I am not exactly sure what that will add just yet.


(My Loot)

Last of all we played a game called Masquerade where players say who they think they are to claim enough money to reach the total of thirteen. The only catch is that peoples round can be swapped and you might claim one thing when you are really another, so it starts to get real crary, real fast. I however was not changed throughout the entire game and somehow managed to get away with being a peasant the whole game but even that wasn’t enough and I lost out to a bishop or something like that. It was a good game to end the evening with I always enjoy giving that one a go.

If you are looking for some good games to play or just want to meet some interesting people then I would highly recommend checking out NoBog on twitter and coming down to The Mash Tun in Norwich on tuesday nights at 7:30.


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