A New Experience

Yesterday was the birthday of my good friend Becky which meant that we decided to meet up, play games and have some good food. I got there a bit later than I had intended but so did a few others but that didn’t matter much when we got into playing some games. People arrived throughout the day that saw us play games such as fluxx, spoons and cards against humanity.

Cards Against Humanity is a game that sees us propose answers to questions with the winner being the one who creates the funniest or most disturbing combinations. My answers were really well grouped and saw me getting at least two points, just one of the lead.

In the evening we headed out to a Trampoline Park that has recently sprung up on the outskirts of Norwich. Very few of us had been here before and I was excited about going and also a bit nervous as I had never been trampolining before. However the staff were really nice and very encouraging which made the whole event a lot more enjoyable.

There was so much to do there and it was great to see such variety in what is essentially a room full of trampolines. Our group faced off against a group of girls who were also there in a couple games of dodgeball that were absolutely crazy and I am glad to say that our group took the win in both games.

It is always good to try new things and I am glad that I had the opportunity to give this a go with lots of good friends alongside me. If you are looking for birthday ideas or if you just want to try something new then I would highly recommend giving this place a go. The staff were great and I think that you would have a ton of fun.

Follow them on Twitter: High Altitude Park

Check out their website:  highaltitudepk


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