The Chilli Boat Night

This one may be a bit late but a couple of weeks ago at NoBoG I got to play two new games which was great as it is always good to try something new. However the reason I ended up playing these games was because I had briefly stepped aside to quickly teach the rules to Ticket to Ride Europe which I had lent out to some new players that week. Back to this week and the first game I played was called Scoville and while I can’t remember the name of the other one I know that they were both a lot of fun.

Scoville Involved planting and harvesting chilli’s in order to complete recipes and gain the most points. Players were able to buy things with the chill’s they had left over as well as being able to gain points for being the first to plant certain types of chilli. Scoville determines turn order in a rather cleaver way involving blind bidding and makes sure that if you are last at doing one thing then you will be first in the other.


Deciding whether to go more towards the planting or harvesting was a difficult decision on every turn as was the decision as to what I wanted to buy with the chill’s I had acquired. We were given a reference card that told us what made what but I had no idea what the best strategy was and suffered as a result. Twice I had what I needed to buy recipes and twice I was denied by players who got there first and while I did get some bonus points, they weren’t enough and left me in last place at the end of the game. Playing with people who know the game well is always a challenge but it is one that I glad that I had a go at.

NoBoG is a great place to meet people and try out new games and even though I lost pretty badly, I had a lot of fun playing it and would definitely give it another go at some point in the future. However Scoville did take quite a while to do and once it was all done and packed away we decided to fill the remaining time with a game that turned out to be a lot of fun. Now I can’t quite remember what this game was called but it involved pushing boats around.

IMG_20150923_002431One player would wind rope around around two poles in figures of eight while another player pushed a boat around, careful to avoid land sharks and other challenging obstacles. We certainly had a lot of fun playing this game and just like scoville, my start was absolutely abysmal.

Fortunately I managed to pull off some pretty nice manoeuvres to claim second place overall. While I still can’t remember the exact name of this game that I played, I do remember that it was a ton of fun and I can imagine it being even more so the less sober a player is. Will update this if I ever do remember however but for now I will just say that if you see this game then I would highly recommend giving it a go as it is a great game to end the night with.


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