5 Games at NoBoG

A long long time ago in a pub not so very far from here I sold the base game of smash up and one of the expansions to my good friend lewis but no one could have predicted what would happen next. Soon he would have nearly every bit of that game including a special Munchkin version that looked absolutely crazy when I saw it being played last night. To those players I just wanted to say that I am so so sorry, I had no idea what path I had just sent my friend on but I also wanted to congratulate him on his recent winning streak.

But enough about that, over in my corner of the Mash Tun on a rather wobbly table saw myself and three others embark on what would be known as a night of fillers and new games. In fact we played a total of five games last night including Carcassonne, Skull, Sushi Go, Guillotine and Roll for It.


Carcassonne is a really fun semi cooperative tile laying game that sees players compete to see who can get the most points though castles, farming and other means. There are a number of options and the semi cooperative nature of the game makes for some interesting conversation that keeps everyone engaged throughout the entire game. Usually I only play with two or three people so a four player game was a new challenge to me but I was impressed that the two people who were playing for the first time managed to take first and second place.


Next up was a game of skull that sees players bluff there way into correctly guessing the correct number of flowers while trying to avoid the skulls. The premise of the game is so simple that it can be picked up really quickly but it has enough complexity that keeps you coming back for more. We ended up playing a few rounds of this game that saw my luck go from bad to worse leading to one game where I lost all my cards.


Over the last month or two a game called Sushi Go has started to gain in popularity with the people at NoBoG with several copies making an appearance. I had been looking into getting this game for a while now so when I saw it in Langleys the other day I just had to get it. The game itself consists of several rounds that see players taking cards in order to get the most points at the end of three rounds. What is great about this game is that there are so many ways to get points, it is very accessible and the artwork is very nice indeed.

Another game that makes a regular appearance at NoBoG is a card game called Guillotine that sees players manipulating a line of nobles heading for the chopping block in order to get the most points. Much like Sushi Go this game is also set over three rounds that is unless you get a noble such as Robespierre who is able to end the day after he is collected. Unfortunately for us he turned up on day two and meant that only one player was able to get any points that day. That would have made the game a lot shorter if we hadn’t added a ton more nobles on the last day. The very final noble to be collected was the piss boy who I put pack into the deck, had it shuffled and still managed to collect to much laughter from the group.


Two of our group decided to head home after this game reached its conclusion which saw myself narrowly pipped to the post by one of two people who were playing Guillotine for the first time. After the two had left we had a looked round and teamed up with Joey for a quick game or Roll for It. It is an easy enough game to play and pick up and saw myself and joey spending ages on two fifteen point cards while my other friend sailed to victory. However in the second game myself and the winner from the first game were both locked in a battle for a fifteen point card that saw me narrowly clinching victory. Roll for It is a great filler game and I really enjoyed ending the night with a couple of rounds of it.


The majority of the evenings that I have spent at NoBoG over the last year have been with Longer games that take up pretty much the whole evening. So it is always nice to have an occasional evening just spent playing fillers and I was glad to be able to teach some games that people have never had the chance to play before. I might have done a bit to well at the teaching bit however as I was beaten by the newbies in pretty much every game that night.

I also find it rather strange that out of the five games that I had played last night, four of them were mine but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them. They are all great games that can be found pretty cheaply and are supper easy to pick up. I have had a great time playing these games with friends and family and I am sure you will too.


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