Under the Lake (Doctor Who Series 9)

Under the Lake saw the Doctor and Clara materialise inside an underwater base in the year 2119 and it wasn’t long before they noticed something spooky going on.

What was great about this episode was the inclusion of a deaf character called Cass who seems to be in a position of power within the group of people at the base which includes scientists, military and a corporate man. It is great to see Doctor who branching out with more diverse characters and hopefully we will see even more diversity in the future. However the corporate man Pritchard is just another cliche that only cares about the profit so I wasn’t overly concerned about his fate, other than what it meant for the rest of the group.


I liked the Doctor and the interactions he had with the members of the base in this episode and the card prompts clara helped him use were ingenious, I particularly liked the one about being dropped off in aberdeen that we saw briefly.  This series seems to have a lot of little references to the past instances of doctor who and they really do enhance the overall atmosphere, especially for long time fans of the show.


Another thing that was interesting about this episode is that the non human ghost we see is from the planet Tivoli, a race that we last saw in The God Complex. I also really liked the chase and the danger that came with it as well as the mystery as to what they are really up to as this episode was full of growing excitement about the ghosts as well as the danger that they possessed.


In fact everything from the opening sequence left me thinking that this story was interesting but what really made this episode was its cliff-hanger. While it wasn’t as good as the last cliff-hnager it did do what it was meant to and that was to leave with a lot of questions and theories that would hopefully be answered in the next episode.


Previous Episode: The Witch’s Familiar

Next Episode: Before The Flood


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