Rocking Doctor Settlers

Whether by conscious choice or because we only have limited choices, we always seem to go around the same places to play games and have a good catch up but this time was different. This time my good friend David had his place free, so Tom, Jonny, Chris Becky and myself went round to play some games, have some good food and to watch the latest episode of Doctor who.

You can check out my review of Before The Flood by clicking this link but I will just tell you that I thought it was a pretty good episode and I really enjoyed watching it with my friends. Shortly before we sat down to watch that episode we were all sat around the table eating pizza from dominoes which was very nice indeed, It has been quite a while since I last had piazza as a takeaway and it was cool to be able to do that with good friends and interesting conversation.

David, Chris, Jonny and myself began the day by playing Settlers of Catan, a game I had not played since I took part in the national tournament at the UK boards games expo back in may. Safe to say I was a little rusty and didn’t exactly get off to the best start, although not as bad as my friend chris who was denied resources by the robber on multiple occasions.  We would all be denied by the robber at one point or another but twice I had to get rid of half my cards, just when I had exactly what I needed. David who was playing for the first time, got both the longest road and largest army at one point but still failed to win, that honour went to jonny and myself who each ended up with 9 points as we had to cut the game short.


However that was not all, once tom joined us we began playing the Guitar hero/Rock band games, with every one given something to do. We had drums, guitar, keyboard, microphone the works and it was pretty cool indeed. Unfortunately it was at this point that I started sneezing a lot which made playing the game a bit difficult as it was rather hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing.

Another thing that threw me was that the medium difficulty that I play on started including random orange notes which don’t usually show up until you start playing on hard. Jonny pointed out that this was a great way to bridge the huge gap that used to exist between the two difficulties and I can see what he means. After a while I started to get a hang of the orange notes that would pop up at random intervals although I don’t think that I will be playing on hard mode anytime soon.


We returned to playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero games once becky had joined us and we had finished watching Doctor Who. By this point we had one to many people and so I decided to sit out for a little while. This gave me a chance to enjoy the music and to also take some pictures and even a few video clips as well. It was a really fun day and I enjoyed spending it with a great group of people.


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