MCM Announcement

I thought that I would just do a little post to let you all know that this weekend I shall be attending MCM in London.

This will be my first full weekend at MCM comic convention and I am looking forward to seeing everything that is on offer. Going for the full weekend will allow me to see more of whats available and I am looking forward to spending some time away from home with lots of good people. Most of them will be doing cosplay and I can’t wait to take photos of everyone, who knows I may even go as something myself.

My first taste of MCM was on the friday of the October 2014 convention and while I only went for one day, I did get to see what it was going to be like. However I didn’t the full experience as that friday was fairly quiet and I am not sure how prepared I am for the crowds that will be attending this october MCM.  At least I shall be in the company of lots of good friends when I brave the crowds for the first time this weekend.

Expect a blog post about my weekend when I get back 🙂


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