Werewolf Sushi Trains

This week I took some people on a train journey through europe with a game of Ticket to Ride followed by a few rounds of Sushi Go and topped off with a little bit of One night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak.

After two weeks of mostly filler games I wanted to do something that would take a little bit longer and had a little bit more to it. However there wasn’t much I wanted to play when the role call started but luckily I had received some interest regrading my copy of Ticket to Ride Europe. We were initially going to play a four player game but my friend David called and said he was near by so I invited him to be our fifth player.

The game started well for all players and there seemed to be very little conflict in terms of who was going to go where. However that rarely lasts long in this type of game and eventually we had to compete to get the routes that we wanted before they were taken by another player. My luck started to run out at the end with me failing a tunnel and not drawing the cards that I needed to get which meant that I had to use a station to make sure I was still able to complete a 21 point ticket. At the end of the game, once all the points were totalled up it was Sam who won with an impressive 136 and I was amazed at how lucky she got with the tickets she pulled.

My good friend David and I borrowed Lewis’s copy of Sushi Go to play a few two player rounds. Starting with ten cards in hand in a two player game meant that things got very interesting very quickly and it became about trying to guess what strategy we were both going to use. We had to adapt our strategies constantly and I have to say that we had a lot of fun playing those three rounds of Sushi G0.


Just as we were about to complete our third and final game of Sushi Go for the night a group of NoBoG attendees came around the corner looking for people to play a bit of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Now if you read my last blog then you will know that I had some success with that game last week but I wasn’t expecting that to happen again and it didn’t. I turned out to be a werewolf in every round of that game last night with a little bit of success but nothing as good as The Drunk Tanner.

That being said, in my first game I started off as werewolf before my card was switched by my friend David who claimed to be the troublemaker. I didn’t quite believe him but he convinced me enough to point at Luke, whose card I had been switched with. However everyone else didn’t and tried to lynch me but because I was protected by the bodyguard I survived and the town was successful in taking out the werewolf.

Neither me or my friend david did that well as the werewolves and despite putting the curator (one of my favourite roles) into the mix, no one got to be him and so no one got to do anything with his treasures which was a shame. My favourite one of his treasures is the one that leaves you mute and I have used it on Lewis to great effect in the past. David was lynched in the final round as everyone believed him to be one and saw me die as well after drunkenly picking up the P.I who had recently turned werewolf.

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 18.00.14

Check out the NoBoG blog to find out more about last nights activities: The NoBoG Blog


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