7 wonders of the Werwolf Boss Monster

Tonight was a mix of classic games, some of which I had played before and some of which were completely new to me. Boss Monster kicked off the Night with 7 wonders and One Night Ultimate werewolf not far behind.

Boss Monster is a game where you build up dungeons in order to attract a certain kind of hero while making sure that you have the ability to kill them because if you don’t you then start to take damage. It had been a while since I had last played it and consequently got of to a bit of a bad start.

Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 17.33.43

Heroes were captured and battles were fought between the boss monsters, each of us using our special abilities to mess with each other and also in order to help improve our own dungeons. Sam successfully managed to capture 10 heroes to win the game although it was starting to get a lot closer by the end.

While we playing Boss Monster a group of three had turned up to The Mash Tun (the pub where we play) and were looking for a game which left us with a problem. There are not to many games that were able to fit 7 and that were suitable to play but luckily someone had 7 Wonders, a game which I had been wanting to play for quite a while now.


I started the game as Rhodes and immediately went down the war route which I continued for most of the game and to be fair it did grant me eighteen points by then end. However I didn’t really do well on many of the other fronts and missed out on several other bonuses but despite that I had a lot of fun and it was surprising just how close that game was.


Now there was some debate about what to play as the last game of the evening with some wanting to have a go at Monster Fluxx while some others wanted to have a go at Avalon/One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak. Eventually the camp slit over the last two and I went with a group of 9 other people to play a couple of rounds of Daybreak. It took a while to get going as we had a couple of new players but it was nice to be able to play with more people. Lewis remarked that we really need to get started on werewolf a lot earlier or someone else needs to bring it as well and I agree with him, now I like playing that game but it really does take a bit longer than you think.


Due to the time we only ended up playing two rounds and I had mixed success with the first round as a drunk who turned into another town member (I can’t remember which). The second game took a turn for the worse when I robbed the tanner from my good friend David and while I managed to get some to vote for me, I was not as convincing as the minion who successfully tricked the town into letting the werewolves win. There was a lot of fun to be had this evening andI am looking forward to seeing what I will be playing next.

Last week at NoBoG: Werewolf Sushi Trains


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