Before all the games were announced and most of the gamers had turned up Sam and myself took part in a fun little card game that Joey had been developing that involved playing cards with either superheroes such as Captain america or villains such as the hydra bad guys in order to have the most points at the end of the game. I found this game to be rather interesting and while it may need a little bit more development and play-testing I do think he is onto something with this one. We had finished just as everyone had turned up and it was good to see a friend turn up who myself and Jamie had played a few games with earlier in the year.

There was so many games on offer last night and it left me with a difficult decision as to what I wanted to play but Luckily Joey had a few spots open for a game of Alhambra of which Jamie, our friend Nick and myself decided to join in on. Alhambra is game of drawing money and building up collections of buildings and walls in order to get the most points and if you are able to pay exact for buildings then you would get an extra turn which seemed like a pretty cool idea. That is until it turned out that I could rarely pay exact for a building and with 6 players it meant that they were often gone before it got back to me. A combination of poor decisions and the first score card coming up pretty early saw me end the first round of scoring with no points and it meant that I was rather excited when I finally did manage to get a point on the score board.


With 6 players in the game it was impossible to plan to far ahead and it meant that the points started to go to the people who could adapt the best which meant that my friends Jamie and nick were both doing pretty well. There were several times in that game where multiple people were tied for the lead which led to several instances of the player in second place getting the most points which I thought was a bit unusual but also rather interesting at the same time. In the end it was Joey who ran away with the lead and I even managed to achieve third despite not scoring in the very first round. Alhambra is a game that i have been wanting to play for quite a while now and I glad that I finally got to give it a go and I am looking forward to playing it again at some point in the future.


Resistance Avalon is a game that I am not particularly fond of as it uses hidden roles and bad guys who just want to see the world burn. We had a total of two spies in our 6 player game and I had no idea who they might be, suspicions were flying left and right, missions were disapproved more often than not but by the end of the game we had finally started to figure things out. We got a bit lucky on the second mission with the only spy on it playing a success card but two failed missions later and we were one bad decision away from defeat. The last mission proved to be pretty tense with a lot of discussion beforehand and as King I finally was able to get the mission on its way, had I chosen the right team, yes I had. It is safe to say that we were all relieved that all four of the cards turned over were success cards, well apart from the spies that is as they had been defeated by the knights of the round table. Winning always makes you feel better about that kind of game but after all the intrigue and doubt I can remember why it has been so long since I had last chosen to play Avalon.

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 12.04.59Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 12.05.07

Diamonds was another new game that we got to try this evening and it is basically a card game that use the four suits Hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs in order for players to acquire the most diamonds. It has some interesting mechanics and decisions for the players to make use of and I managed to get off to a pretty decent start. Although it didn’t last long and I was left with the ability to do very little, mostly through poor choices on my part and also through the actions of the other players. The game was meant to last for about 6 rounds but each round had been taking a while so I think we cut it short after 3 and while I enjoyed it, I don’t think I will be buying it for myself anytime soon.


After a fun evening of games we decided to join another group who were just about to start one last round of One night ultimate Werewolf Daybreak. Like most times I have played that game it took a while to explain everything but it was good to play with some new people and everything seemed to fit into place once all the night shenanigans had occurred. We had figured out who the werewolves were pretty quickly but we didn’t know for sure who the minion was and despite talking in circles for what felt like ages we finally managed to come to a decision. However the decision that the majority of us came to was to lynch the guy who turned out to be the minion and thus the werewolves won again.

Last weeks games: 7 Wonders of the Werewolf Boss Monster



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