The Zygon Inversion

The Zygon Inversion kicks off right where the last episode left off with the evil Zygon version of Bonnie as she attempts to take the down the Doctor and Osgood.

What is great about this episode is that unlike most of the two parter conclusions it doesn’t get bigger and more combative, instead it gets smaller and more debated. The opening scenes involving Clara were pretty actually getting pretty interesting as she learns how to be able to take control of her Zygon counterpart, although it would have been better if they had taken it a bit further. It is not until later in the episode that things get really interesting with Bonnie attempting to interrogate Clara for details of the Osgood Box, the changing dynamics and the use of dialogue was very clearly done in this scene.


If you have been reading my reviews of the Doctor who episodes in this series then you will know that I have been critical of the amount of screen time that Clara has been receiving. It will also come to you attention that Clara has often been separated from the Doctor and this two parter has been no exception. Although having Jenna-Louise Coleman playing both Clara and her Zygon duplicate Bonnie did at least allow her more room to make an impact. It was great to see more from her and I really did believe her as the villains Bonnie although this did mean that Clara was sidelined a little bit during the finale.

One of things that I enjoyed in the Zygon Inversion was seeing the Doctor and Osgood working together and I certainly think that she would make an excellent companion. Osgood is a really good character and I sincerely hope that we get to see more from her in the future as she comes across very well. Having the Doctor ask her whether she was the Human or Zygon version of Osgood did get a bit tiring towards the end but it did drive home the fact that it doesn’t really matter and it is good that she is still there to be able to keep the peace.

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We got a taste of what the Zygons were planning in this episode as the villains Bonnie chases down one of her fellow Zygons and ends up unmasking them in order to create a panic. This to was cut a little bit short but it did make for a rather good sequence that saw the Doctor and Osgood attempt to help the unmasked Zygon who wanted to leave it peace, just like the majority of all the other settled Zygons.

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart was back although she had a lot less screen time in this episode which was a bit of a shame as she is a really good character. Having said that she did come under a bit of a threat towards the end of the last episode so I wasn’t exactly sure who had come back from Truth and Consequences. Although this is Doctor Who and nothing is really as it seems, especially it an episode such as this one. It was good to see her back in time for the climax of the episode which seemed to come around a lot faster and she did a brilliant job of acting against Bonnie and the Doctor of course.



The climax of the Zygon Inversion is all anybody is talking about and for good reason as it a prime example of what good Sci-fi can be and they did what even firing a shot. This was one of the most dialogue heavy scenes that I have seen in the entire series and it does a great job of maintaining the thinly veiled analogies of last week while simultaneously striving for a peaceful resolution. Giving both parties the option of truth and consequences was a nice touch and provided for some rather intriguing debate from the all sides, none more so than from the Doctor himself.

The Doctor was clearly in charge in this scene, presiding over  the events with a commanding tone that would change every now and then which kept things interesting and also allowed him room to try to convince both sides to maintain the peace. The Doctor has created a scenario that he calls a scale model of war and asks that they do what everyone who has even fought has eventually had to do, sit down and talk.


This two parter was a rather interesting one and I like how it continued to reference back to The Day of the Doctor in its themes and of course with the location of the finale as well. There were a ton of other references in this episode and I thought it was interesting that the black archive had a helmet form one of the Mire. It wasn’t always as involved as it could have been but I think it did a great job of telling the story and the acting was just incredible to watch.

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