Spectre review

(Beware of Spoilers) The names Hayward James Hayward, thats what I would say if I was the super spy known as 007 A.K.A. James Bond who is under attack from a sinister organisation known only as Spectre. Meanwhile M fights to keep the secret service alive and an old enemy returns to the Bond franchise with some very nice nods to the past thrown in for good measure. Beware of spoilers below

Yes that is right Bond is back with his 24th outing and the 4th for the current Bond (Daniel Craig) who does a brilliant job acting alongside amazing actors such as Ralph Fiennes (M), Ben Whishaw (Q), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and of course the legend that is Christoph Waltz (Blofield). All of the Bond films have been well cast and Spectre is no exception with a host of great actors and a really good script to match.

The opening sequence brings us into the heart of Mexico City as the day of the dead celebrations are taking place with a procession. The camera takes us on a linear path through the procession with Bond about to get real close to a female companion but he doesn’t stop there, instead he continues on alone as he follows his target, attempting to take him out before he can do something terrible. There following sequence was just incredible to watch and I thought that it was a great opening to the film plus the title sequence that always precedes the main film was not half bad either.

M questions bond over his potential involvement in Mexico while trying to save the double O program from the wrath of the new head of the Centre of National Security Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott) who sees both the program and its operatives as archaic. Many people will know his as Moriarty from the hit BBC series Sherlock but this time he faces off against M (Ralph Fiennes) in a battle of wits and I think they work well off each other. These are two amazing actors and I really liked the scenes that they were both in and in particular the ones in which they were talking to each other.

Bond begins to uncover the secretive organisation known only as Spectre when he attends one of there secret meetings in Rome. Not only is that scene incredible for its use of dialogue and the reveal of their leader Blofield but it also uses the lighting in such a way that helps the audience understand just what this group is all about. Keeping the leaders of Spectre in Darkness gives the reveal an even greater impact and is used to great effect throughout the film.

Dave Bautista is the fourth actor with a professional wrestling background to play a James Bond villains after Harold Sakata [Goldfinger (1964)], Peter Fanene Maivia [You Only Live Twice (1967)] and Pat Roach [Never Say Never Again (1983)]. His entrance into Spectre was one that people are not likely to forget anytime soon and I instantly bought him as a villain that would for an organisation such as Spectre. From an epic chase through the streets of Rome to the alps of austria and finally a train on the road to nowhere, Dave Bautista (Mr. Hinx) puts up one hell of a fight. Over the years there have been may characters that have fought Bond of the years and lots of those have been rather difficult to defeat including Mr. Hinx but with so many similar characters I don’t think he will be one of the more memorable ones.

Someone who is memorable is Jasper Christensen who returns for a brief cameo as Mr. White when he enlists Bonds help in order to protect his only daughter Madeline Swann played by Lea Seydoux. Madeline Swann is an interesting character that interacts with Bond on a number of levels that means allows her to understand him in a way that very few could. She is a strong character that doesn’t back down from a fight who is also able to walk away if it is the best thing for her to do. It would have been cool to have given Madeline a bit more to do in this film and hopefully this film will not be the last time we ever get to see from her as Lea Seydoux is a rather brilliant actor.

Christoph Waltz  puts in such an incredible performance as the main villain and head of the super secret organisation known as Spectre. He is absolutely brilliant in this film and I really liked the way that this film teases his introduction and the scenes between him and Bond are incredible to watch. Those two work so well when they are in scenes together and I liked the references to the past including his white cat and the scar that he picks up towards the end of the film. He is a really good villain that has an all to brief time on screen in Spectre and I hope we get to see more from him in the future.

Bond has never been and will never be a perfect film but that doesn’t matter, Spectre is two and a half hours of  great cinematic action and story telling. It has been well cast, the acting, sound and lighting all work wonders and the unbroken 4 minute opening sequence was a really cool way to start the film. If you like watching the bond films then you will like this film a lot and I am so glad that I finally got the chance to see it for myself.


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