Secret Castles and Hidden Spies

Tonight saw a trio of games being played at NoBoG which is not a rare thing anymore and I had a lot of fun playing them. the games included Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Resistance Avalon and Codenames.

The night kicked of with a three player game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig that I bought from King Bee Games for a rather decent price and it felt good to be able to support another member of the board gaming group. I would highly recommend checking out their site as they have lots of amazing games at great prices. Anyway back to the game, it was my friends Jamie, Nick and myself but Im sure it would have been more if the game had allowed it, although it has been a little while since it was just the three of us playing a game.


Usually I am quite sensible with my choice of bonus cards but this time I took a bit of a gamble on one bonus that required one of every room type and other of every room size. Gaining one of every room type took a while but I was lucky and managed to pick up the only one I needed within the last few turns, however I wasn’t as lucky with the one that needed every room size as two of them hardly came out. It would have been incredibly to do both as it would have given me fifteen bonus points but in the end I had to settle for 13 with the addition of another bonus card that I managed to pick up.

Nick and Jamie were both doing fairly well and I had a good time playing with them at NoBoG this week. I had only bought that game earlier in the evening, spending the time waiting for NoBoG to start to unbox it all with the help of my good friend Nick and I didn’t expect to get it played. Jamie and myself have played this game several times but it was Nick’s first game but you wouldn’t believe that if you saw how he was playing as he ended up in second place with only 5 points separating us. Castles of Mad King Ludwig is an incredible game that I have such fun playing and it is always interesting to see what sort of castles the players end up developing.


We had finished that game a little bit earlier than we thought but luckily another group were also finishing up there games and were more than happy to join us for a game called Codenames. I have spoken about it before but the basic premise is that there are two teams, each one has a spymaster and they have to give clues to there team in order for them to find the teams spies. Jamie and myself started off as spymasters with some rather interesting words which proved to be a bit challenging to find a link for. As spymasters we were meant to keep a straight face and give no other clues away other than a word and a number.

The first game progressed well with my team off to a good start but it was not long before the opposition were right back into the game. I can’t tell how frustrating it is to be the spymaster, that is something that you are going to find out for yourselves but the feeling of relief/excitement when they get it right will make you want to get right back in there and have another go. However the most satisfying and hilarious moment of the entire evening was when the enemy side chose a card that they thought would win the game but instead turned out to be the assassin. The look of amazement and shock was unbelievable as was the noise and even I couldn’t believe what had just happened.


Lastly we turned to a game of Resistance Avalon and I got the chance to be Merlin again and so I could see who at least two of the traitors were with a third remaining hidden. However this did us no good and the traitors managed to fail three missions in a row to claim victory. For some reason I am never believed when I say I am a good guy in those sorts of game but come to thing of it I am not usually believed, regardless of what I say but I had hoped for at least one victory for the good guys. Overall I had fun playing Resistance Avalon but it went on a bit to long for my liking and I think it is the sort of game that you really can’t play that often.

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