Ca$h & Gun$ Tournament at Athena

This past saturday there was a great and noble gathering of mobsters who sat down to divide the loot in what turned out to be a truly epic Ca$h & Gun$ tournament.

The tournament was put on by the wonderful staff at the local games store in Norwich known as Athena. However this was not the first time that I had played this game there as I had given it a go a few weeks back at their monthly board game evening. I managed to do quite well back there and several of the people that I had played those games with turned up for this tournament which was nice to see.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 19.32.17

Ca$h & Gun$ is a game for up to 8 players who sit around a table featuring a pile of loot and the winner is the one that walks away with the highest amount. Each round sees players pointing there guns at each other but with only three bullets out of a possible eight, the challenge is to work out if they are going to shoot you or if it is all just a bluff. However you have to be careful as it is three wounds and your are out of the game, so if you have more than one gun on you then you might want to think twice about sticking around for the loot. The image above is what a typical set up would look like for a round of Ca$h & Gun$s and what I like about it is is so easy to prepare and learn but it still takes time to master and even the best player can be unhorsed by a plucky newcomer.


The first round of the tournament got of to a really nice start with every player using a click in the first two goes but the peace never lasts long in a game of Ca$h & Gun$ and the bullets were soon flying back and fourth around the table. Martin was one of the first casualties of the tournament which meant he was eliminated from the round and scored no points and I barely got any either, despite surviving I only achieved £50,000 which was only £6,000 short of what I needed to score some points. However I managed to turn things around in the second round of the tournament with a more impressive haul of £143,000 which also gained me a total of 6 points.

However this is where things went downhill for me as I only managed to get a measly £17,000 in the third round due to be a constant target of the other player. I was wounded a total of three times during that round and had to spend one of the few rounds that I wasn’t being shot taking care of the wounds that I had got previously. It got so bad that at one point I had four players pointing there guns at me and there was no way that I was going to stay standing, not with those kind of odds. My misfortune in that round meant that I got virtually no points and it allowed some of the other players to catch up and made for a more level playing field when it came to the final round.


The final round featured the character cards that come with the game and they essentially give each player a special ability to use in the game. Some of these are more powerful than other but I have to say that my power entitled ‘The Hustler’ really worked out well for me. What my special ability allowed me to do was to randomly take a card from a players hand and swap it with any one of mine. I forgot to use this power on the first go but after I began to use it I started to get really lucky with every card but one that I took ending up as a bang and in return all of those players got a click. In fact it worked out so well that at one point I left one player with two cards, both of which were clicks meaning he was essentially harmless.

What made that round particularly interesting was all the deception and competition between players and I think it was the round with the most players eliminated as well. We all knew who was doing well at the start of that round but for some reason I faced two guns but I rallied on and had a respectable score of around £120,000 which was good but not good enough to take the 6 points that would have given me a chance to have won one of the main prizes which was a unique gun to use in the game. All I needed was one more diamond as it would have meant an extra £60,000 on top of what I had but it wasn’t to be. However I didn’t go home empty handed as I was given a Cthulhu character just for turning up which looks pretty cool.


In the end the win went to the player who did consistently well throughout all four rounds of the Ca$h & Gun$ tournament. I had an absolutely fantastic afternoon playing the game with a great group of people and I want to thank the staff at Athena for putting on a really fun tournament. This is only the second one that I have done at Athena and hopefully there will be many more tournaments that I will have the pleasure to attend at Athena. If you are in Norwich and you are interested in Board Games and all that sort of thing then I would highly recommend popping along and who knows maybe one day you will be able to play a game there against me.



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