One Night Ultimate NOBOG

This week NoBoG saw the return of my good friends, Lauren, Andy, Chris and Martin who comes every now and it was also a special occasion for me as it also happened to be my 23rd birthday.

As usual I brought a few games with me including a couple that I had recently picked up and some that I had been given as a present. However while I did bring a few bits I knew that whatever I ended up playing I had hoped to be playing it with my friends who had turned up for the night. Luckily Lewis A.K.A Weird brought out his One Night Ultimate Collection offering a night of the new Vampire variant which seemed like a pretty good idea.

So a group of 10 people formed in the hidden area at the other end of the bar which meant that we were no where near most of the other NoboG attendees which was probably for the best as it was a bit busier than normal that night, especially with all the other non NoBoG people at the Mash Tun. Most of us had played one version of One Night Ultimate before but few had done then new Vampire one and to be honest even I found the roles recap useful, although this meant that the first round didn’t start until at least quarter past 8.

The first game saw lots of crazy things happen with vampires, assassins and even a diseased character attempting to affect other people. Now I thought that as a result of playing a round of this a few weeks ago that I would have at least some clue as to what was going on but I didn’t. What I did know was that allegiances had changed and there were several players who were acting a little bit shifty but even I couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen. Most of the players voted for American James who turned out to be the diseased character which meant that everyone apart from cupid, the assassin and the gremlin had actually lost the first round.

What struck me about One night Ultimate Vampire was that in all the rounds that we played that night, the lovers seemed to be very unlucky with at least one or both of them being removed by other players who swapped out the tokens of love for other marks. Sometimes this would be better sometimes it would not but one thing was clear, there were a lot of lonely players and as it happened I was the first person to have this happen to them and on my birthday as well (not cool guys, not cool). However two of the lovers managed to survive a round when a vampire fell in love with a gremlin (Chris) and he was able to save his love but swapping out there card with mine and I was ratted out as a vampire. Good strategy from chris there and I think it was the only successful act the lovers were a part of for the entire night.

I did have some luck that night as I managed to be on the winning side for most of the games and even managed a successful round as the Master of the vampires and on one of the last rounds a player even managed to become a double vampire which I thought was a pretty cool thing to be. However one of the most amazing this was how powerful the Marksman turned out to be in the final round of One Night Ultimate Vampire that we played that night. It turned out that Lewis was the only vampire in that round and not only did the marksman see who he was but also who he turned into a bat which was pretty lucky for him but also left him with very little in the way of defense.

I did feel sorry for Lewis in that round as I think he was targeted by pretty much everyone who could affect him in some way including being diseased and being given the mark of the traitor which meant he would have had to have acted against himself which could have been an interesting thing to see happen. Lewis had been the assassin in the previous round and had targeted himself so when the final round saw me become the assassin I couldn’t resist giving the mark of the assassin back to him. Unfortunately for me Luke came along and pick pocketed the token from Lewis which meant that I couldn’t complete my goal but at least I was on the winning side, well sort of.

I had a really fun birthday at NoBoG and I want to thank everyone who came out and said Happy Birthday to me and to all those who played One night Ultimate Vampire with us, it was a truely epic night and I can’t wait to see what games I get to play next week.


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