Vegas to Avalon

This week we welcomed some new gamers to NoBoG with a 6 player game of Lord of Vegas, spies are found in a nail biting go at Codenames and last but by no means least we make a surprise return to Avalon.


As you may or may not have guessed we started the week of with the 6 of us attempting to prove that we could become the next Lords of Vegas which is not an easy task, especially in a six player game. I had picked up the expansion the previous week so I was eager to get it played as I enjoy the game and haven’t had a chance to play it for quite some time, plus I thought it would be a nice one for us all to play as a group. Having not played it for so long meant that I kinda fumbled the rules explanation at the start but luckily I was playing with my good friend Jamie who was able to help me out and explain it a bit better, we even helped people on their first turns so they could understand the options that they had. However both Jamie and myself quickly went up the leader board, thanks in no small part to the two pay the strip cards that came out in a row.

The other players had mixed results but they all seemed to pick it up really well and if a few dice rolls had just gone another way then the final scores would have probably been quite a bit different. The only problem with a 6 player game of Lords of Vegas is the time it takes to get back to your go and even when it does the board could have changed drastically, making whatever plans you had disappear. It is a game about strategy but also about learning to adapt when things don’t quite go your way and of course there is some dice rolling as well, which I was pretty terrible at for most of the game. Although I was good enough to achieve second place with only one space separating me from Jamie who claimed victory in the end.


Following on from our epic game of Lords of Vegas saw us split into two teams and gain a couple of other players who had also finished their first game of the night. Codenames was our second game of the night and saw the spymasters attempt to communicate the position of their spies with only a one word clue and a number, it is a game that has become very popular over the last month or so and with good reason. The game was incredibly easy to teach, everyone had a lot of fun playing it and the ending was so unbelievably close and I had no idea we would win by the other team finding the assassin. What is even better is that Codenames is not a long game to play and it was perfect for a large social gathering, especially when some of the players couldn’t stick around for long.


Another good thing about Codenames finishing early was that we had time for a game of Avalon, which if you have been paying attention to my blog you will remember that I played a few weeks ago and it did not go well. Avalon took a while to set up and I was excited for my go as the assassin, that is until our friend Nick turned up after finishing his game and while i was looking forward to playing that role I was more than happy to start from the beginning in order to let him into the game. This time round I was just a good guy but I kept the king token so I could pick the first team, typically the first team is rejected and mine was no exception.

We got surprisingly lucky in our first two rounds of the game with both missions coming back as successes and the bad guys looking like they were out for the count. The decision process as to who would go on that final mission took a while as did the previous two decisions before it but eventually we settled on a team and we managed to claim our third victory and it was fortunate that the assassin had guessed the wrong person to be merlin which gave us the win.  I was on none of the missions and didn’t get a chance to prove my loyalty but at least I was on the winning side this time, the others stuck around for another game of Avalon but as that one had taken so long I opted out and headed for home.

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