Vampire and Ca$h

The Mash Tun was quite a bit busier than usual on tuesday night this week with a fair few members of the general public in attendance but that didn’t stop us from gathering enough people together to play a few board games. Two games that were in abundance that night was Castles of Mad King Ludwig with at least 4 copies in the building and of course there were multiple copies of Ticket to ride with practically every version under the sun of offer but not a single one was played.

Groups were formed and games started left right and centre but I had no idea what I wanted to play and the only games with spots available were King of Tokyo and a game called Ca$h & Gun$ which is a game I played in a tournament a few weeks back. Both of those games are a lot of fun to play but in the end I decided on ca$h & Gun$ and when I joined it became a full 8 player game which always gets a bit hectic, especially when you have got a few people who know you in the game. Everyone was peaceful in the first round apart from one guy who shot at me just to show how it was done, why he chose to shoot me I will never know but he did and I was out of the first round of loot.

My luck in that first game didn’t get much better apart from the fact that I was on target to pick up the diamond bonus which would have at least put me a bit higher in the final pecking order but alas it was not to be. In that final round of the first game I had not one, not two but a total of three guns pointing at me and with one wound already there was no way I was going to be sticking around and another guy picked up the final diamond. However as this meant that we tied for the most diamond, no one got the diamond bonus which was a bit of a shame, especially as it meant that I only ended up with about 60,00 in total.

The second game of ca$h & Gun$ saw the special powers added to the mix and I got the power of the vulture that would allow me to randomly take two loot cards from a eliminated player but while people were being wounded there was very little elimination going on. Although in the final round a player did die and I was able to pick up a couple bits of loot which would have been good if I had managed to have picked up some useful items but I didn’t. The games were a lot of fun and it was good to be able to play with some good friends and some new faces as well.

The first two games ended around half nine and luckily for us another group had also finished there games. It was even more lucky as Luke was trying to push Avalon but with the arrival of Lewis and his group we were able to get a couple of rounds of One night Ultimate Vampire to the table. Most of the players had played one version of this game or another but few had played the vampire variant which meant we had to spend a bit of time explaining what was going on and when I say a bit of time it did take a while to do. Thankfully Lewis is very good at explaining things and the first round got of to a good start.

That first round saw me start as the diseased player and I had lewis on my left and luke on my right, david would have been sitting next to me but after playing several games with me I think he knew better. That first game didn’t take to long to work out and as soon as Lewis’s sister revealed what she had done as the gremlin we knew exactly where the vampire was and the round was concluded rather easily. I thought that the new players did rather well on that game and it was very interesting to see how it all played out, especially since Lewis gave me the mark of fear in the night.

However it was the second round that we played where it got really interesting and I managed to pick up another win. I started off as an innocent priest who cleansed themselves and my good friend lewis who was sitting next to me. Lewis later ended up stealing a mark of love from David but for the life of me I can’t remember who the other lover was in that game but I don’t think it was important. However I do remember that game getting weird real fast with luke first claiming to be renfield, then the gremlin who switched two cards but later revealed he switched a different players card, meanwhile the player whose card he switched out was claiming to be the marksman but no one believed him and no one believe Luke either.

Luke claimed towards the end of the game that he had swapped the card of the player to his right with mine and that I was now a vampire but because he kept changing his story and that whole side of the table was acting just a bit to shifty, the majority of the players voted for the guy on his right. As it turned out Luke had told the truth at the end which meant that I had in fact picked up a win as a vampire alongside Lewis’s sister who managed to play out that entire round with no one suspecting her in the slightest. It was a truly strange turn of events and I have to thank Luke for handing me the win, no matter how much he protested it was all a joke after the game had concluded.

I had a lot of fun playing these games on tuesday night at NoBoG and if you are interested in finding out more about them then I would highly recommend checking out the NoBoG Blog:

The Season of Merry


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