ROOM (Film Review)

Last Monday I went along to the Odeon in Norwich for their latest Screen Unscreen event and not only did I have no idea what I was about to see but it also marked a year since I first started going to events such as this. The very first film I saw as part of this promotion was Whiplash and I absolutely loved that film and the idea of taking a chance and brining a little bit of mystery back to the world of cinema plus it gives me a chance to see films that I normally might not consider going to see. (SPOILER WARNING)


The cinema was packed and when the lights went down and the trailers had concluded, we were finally given the name of the film we were about to watch and it was a film called Room. Now I had no idea what this film was about when it started and the film did a great job of maintaining that sense of mystery by maintaining focus on the two main characters. The story is set in two halves and revolves around a boy called Jack and his mother whose whole world starts of as this one room but before long they are dealing with something far greater, the outside world. Jack played by Jacob Tremblay and Ma played by Brie Larson do a great job of making their room feel larger than life, helped in no small part by the excellent use of the camera which maintain a tight focus on them.

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The use of space and the level of focus on the two main characters makes the Room feel larger than life and it really helps to hold the attention of the audience as they come to realise the true situation of the characters. As part of the audience I connected to Jack quite easily, mostly because like him we begin in a world that seems simple and straightforward but it is only as time progress that both Jack and the audience are truly able to comprehend exactly what has been going on. The performances in these scenes are just incredible to watch with particular kudos going to the young Jacob Tremblay who did an excellent job at reacting to the changing world in which he had grown up in and if he caries on like this then I think he will do very well in life.

The Introduction of Sean Bridgers as Old Nick changes the dynamic of the Room, setting in motion a chain of events that will see dramatic changes for both Jack and his ma, especially when they begin to encounter the outside world. Room does a great job at tackling this change with a daring escape that really ramps us the drama and the tension in this film as you start to wonder just what is going to happen to the people you have been connecting with so far. With so much going on there was no way to know for sure what was about to happen and I wondered how the film would cope when the audience, much like the main characters are taken beyond the confines of the room.

After leaving the only place that Jack has known for his entire life the film changes course and shows how the mother and son adjust to living in the real world and I really can’t imagine how traumatic something like that must be for an adult, let alone a child of five. Room in its second half is a film about how a mother and son react to such a dramatic upheaval and the performances of the two main characters are extraordinary to behold and I have to say that the supporting characters did an excellent job as well. The family that ma and her son return to after so many years feels so real and natural, the interactions between the characters and the way that develops over the course of the film was very interesting to watch.

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There are certain characters that I would have liked to have seen more of but I can understand why they weren’t used more in this film but I have to say that I thought it was a very well cast film and they all gave such incredible performances. This film was adapted from a book written by Emma Donoghue and while I have no read the book that this film was based on I have heard from people who have that it does the book justice. However the only way that you will know that for sure is if you read the book and then go to see this film when it has its official release in january.

When all was said and done I thought that Room was a very good film with excellent use of camera, sound and lighting plus some incredible performances by both the main actors and the supporting cast. It is true that this is a film that I would not normally go and see by myself, especially if you are just going by the trailers but I am so glad that I got to see this brilliant film and I would highly recommend going to see it when it is released on January 15th 2016.


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