Ghost Sushi Bombs

Anyone who was there that night will not that I wasn’t feeling the best as I had a bit of a nasty cold so I didn’t really feel up to trying anything new or complicated, which is a shame because there were some really good games on offer. However after a bit of a discussion we settled on a game of Colt Express where all the players are robbing a train but also trying to stop each other from doing the same thing.

The game didn’t get off to a good start for me as I was punched on the very first turn and had to drop the one and only bit of loot that I had and I wasn’t able to pick up that much loot for the rest of the game. What did help me was that my character had the ability to always play their first card face down which meant that my actions were kept secret for longer and gave me a little bit of freedom with my choices. There were a few times when i miscalculated where the other players would end up and missed out on a few good opportunities but at least I was able to set the sherif on my good friend David who as it turned out I had also shot four times during the course of the game.


All the new players did really well and pulled of some very good moves, my good friend David did pretty well despite all the bullet cards that must have been clogging up his hand, sorry about that. Although they did get me back later in the game as I received three bullets in one round and I was denied access to certain areas for a fair portion of the game which only served to help a guy called adam who had a carriage to himself for quite a few rounds. It didn’t surprise anyone to learn that I had fired the most bullets during the game which helped me to secure a bonus of $1000 and meant that I came away with a grand total of $2050, not a bad score indeed. However while I did good in the end, I didn’t do half as well as adam who robbed the train of a grand total of $2700.

Once we had finished packing away Colt Express we decided to continue the evening with a round of Sushi Go. Most of us had played the game before on a number of occasions but we had one new guy who did well enough to secure joint third at the end of the game. Sushi Go is a set collection game where you play one card and then pass your hand along with the winner being the one with the most total points. It is a very easy game to learn but one that also requires a bit of thinking which can detract from a little bit of the fun that you are supposed to be having but hey it is a great game and I really love the theme. we had a bit of a competition going on as the game itself was really close but in the end I managed to achieve victory with a one point lead, all thanks to a dumpling that was handed to me in the final act of the game.


Next up we played a game that I can’t quite remember the name of but was excitedly referred to as the cow game and it certainly seem like fun. Essentially the game involves playing numbered cards higher but close to the number on the cards as possible as the further away you got the higher the probability that you would have to pick up the entire row. The aim was to have the least number of cards in front of you at the end of the game, something that I was not able to achieve on my first play through as I ended up with a grand total of 17. Safe to say I was not pleased about this but that is the way it goes sometimes, will have to give that one another go at some point in the future.

Following on from the Cow Game my good friend David broke out his new and unboxed copy of One Night Ultimate Daybreak as he wanted to give it a go and also so he could practice explaining the game before playing it with people over the festive period. I was there to help out with anything he missed out on but something that neither of us picked up on was the fact that the drunk was not selected and that meant that Adam couldn’t do his night action. This kind of messed up the game a little as there was a little bit less to focus on which made it difficult for me as I was the only werewolf and was being accused of being so but luckily I had David as my minion who did a very good job. Unfortunately I kind of messed up at the voting stage by picking Melton who won the game by revealing that she was the tanner who in fact wanted to be killed. It was a bit of a strange game but was nice to have another play of it.


We then ended the night by combining our group with another to form an 11 player game of Two Rooms and A Boom which I believe is a first for NoBoG as I have never seen it played here before, it has appeared but it just hasn’t been played before. The last time i had played this was at a friends birthday part so at least I had some notion of what was going on and I started off as a member of the blue team and quickly found who the president was but I had no idea as to the whereabouts or the identity of the bomber. Unfortunately for us we didn’t manage to separate the president from the bomber and we lost the first round.

The second round saw myself join the read team in their quest to unite the president and the bomber once again but seeing as I was our teams shy guy I couldn’t tell anyone who I was which meant that I wasn’t able to get much information or generally do much in that game. Consequently I was traded back and fourth between the two rooms while the other players went about uniting the doctor with president while my teams bomber had to find the engineer and I believe both teams managed that. However we didn’t mange to unite the president and the bomber which was thanks to not being able to work out who the president was and a rather sneaky gambler who decided to through in with the blue team.

Everyone else was up for another round but it was getting a bit late and it had reached the point where I was really struggling with my cold and so I decided to call it a night. I can’t remember the last time that I have played so many games in one night and even though I had a horrendous cold I still had a lot of fun. Playing with lots of good people is always a great part of the NoBoG experience and I am looking forward to seeing what I will be playing on my next visit.


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