Last NoBoG of 2015

Yesterday was the final NoBoG of 2015 and as such I didn’t expect that many people to turn up and I certainly didn’t expect to be offered some hand cream either but as it happened there were 33 people there for games and the hand cream was pretty good as well. There were quite a few non gamers at the Mash Tun which meant that bigger games were the order of the day and to that end I joined, Jack, Annie, Shaun, Matt and Davie for a couple goes at 7 wonders, a few rounds of codenames and who could pass up the opportunity for a go at One Night Ultimate werewolf.

On my right in the first game was Davie who went partly down a military strategy but mostly went for the blue victory point cards while on my right I had Shaun who went mostly for science but as I had a lot of resources that they needed I managed to acquire a fair bit of money. However while I had a lot of money I didn’t have a whole lot in points and misreading my wonders powers meant that I may have missed out on a few points but I did get quite a few from the players on my left and right thanks to the power of the guilds. Going down the science route can be a really powerful strategy as we found out on the night but at the end of third age it was Jack and Shaun who were tied for the lead and with ties broken by the amount of money left, it was Jack who took victory.

Game two of 7 wonders saw us mix it up a little with each of us getting a different wonder complete with new neighbours and this time I had Giza which is a wonder that I haven’t really played all that much. I started off with getting a few resources as usual but both of my neighbours had trading posts which meant that I was going to get less money overall but as it turned out it didn’t really hamper me all that much. The only thing that hampered me in the second game was getting into a military fight with Matt who was sitting on my left which meant that I had to spend more cards on that effort and less on science or victory points and I this time I only completed two stages of my wonder.

In this game Jack was on my right and he was copying Davies strategy from the last game with an impressive amount of blue victory point cards, which also benefited me when the guilds started to come my way. Davie also went for a military strategy and somehow he managed to do it a little bit more efficiently than me and I had to feel sorry for Annie who was sat between two very aggressive military powers, especially as she only came away with around 30 points. I managed to improve my score a little bit from 47 I think in the first game to 50 in the second but it was no match for shaun who won with an impressive 60 points, very well done sir, very well done indeed.

Next up we broke out Jack’s copy of Codenames, a game that I also own and sat down for a few rounds of what is a really fun, social word game that has a ton of re playability. On one side we had Matt, Davie and Shaun and on the other was Jack, Annie and Myself with Jack and Shaun starting of the first round as the spymasters. There were some really good clues in that first round and it was all going well, that is until we got the clue adventure and we started listing all the places where we could have one, oh and where we could stay in hotels as well. Somehow we arrived at Moscow which only went and turned out to be the assassin which meant that we instantly lost the game.

The following two round went a lot better for us with us getting the clues and mostly avoiding the other team’s spies and the innocent civilians but when it came to my go as the spymaster I was struggling to link the words together, especially as several of them also linked to words that the other team needed. Luckily for me Jack and Annie were very good and deciphering the terrible clues that I was giving out and we managed to pull back the win from the brink of defeat. Codenames was a lot of fun and I had a great time playing it with this group.

Last up was a go at One Night Ultimate werewolf with Vampire seemingly taking a bit of a break lately. We joined up with Lewis and his group who had also finished their games and even my good friend mr Chris Turner who also appeared during the night. First game saw me start of as the Tanner and I picked a strategy that I thought might just help me win but unfortunately for me Lewis saw right through it as did several other people but that is what happens when people know exactly how you play the game. The village team were very strong in that game with David dopple gangering his way to becoming another trouble maker who swapped out Chris’s card for another players. Chris sold out his fellow werewolves as soon as he learned of the switch and Annie was promptly killed by the majority of the village.

It was a good night and I am looking forward to all the games that 2016 has in store.





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