Star Wars the Force Awakens (Film Review)

Star Wars the Force Awakens is the 7th film of the series with the last film Episode III Revenge of the Sith being released just over a decade ago and I have to say that I had been looking forward to seeing this film for a while. Usually what happens when a film I want to see is released is that I go and see it as soon as possible but with it being so close to christmas I decide to wait until I could go and see it wit some good friends. This review will contain a few spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet then I would recommend doing so.


The day before New Years Eve I met up outside the Odeon in Norwich with several of my good friends but before we went in, it was decided that we should go and have some food at a nearby Pizza Hut which was interesting as it was my first time eating at that venue. I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely and what was even better was that our god friend David treated us all to some Ben & Jerry’s which was awfully nice of him.


As we sat down to watch the film I was excited and even though the trailers, adverts and all that went on for what seemed like an eternity I was still really looking forward to it. The opening was intriguing as it jumped straight into the story on a planet called Jakku and also gave us a glimpse at the power that our heroes would be up against in the form of Kylo Ren. We also got to see Rey who was doing her best scavenging while unaware of the events that had been taking place not that far away and I just have to say that the universe in which this is set looks and sounds absolutely incredible.  This sequence also introduces us to BB8, a droid who is just the bet and is such a great addition to the team and to the film as a whole.


Rey is an intriguing character and we as the audience start to learn more about her and her past as the film progresses but with more films on the way we are mostly just left with more questions than answers. BB8 teams up with Rey in order to get back to his owner Poe who is an ace pilot in the rebel alliance who Finn manages to save from the first Order and I really like the way that Finn joins the group. It is a scene that starts to create a bond between them but also shows that Rey is more than capable of holding her own, something we will see more of later on in the film.

While trying to escape they discover the Millennium Falcon sitting in a junk yard which was a pretty good way to introduce it into the story of The Force Awakens. In a different part of space we are introduced to more of the First Order which allows us to find out a bit more about what motivates them and I though that it was good to see a bit more depth to the dark side of the force. Meanwhile Rey, Finn and BB8 are captured by Han Solo and Chewie who are more than happy to be reunited with the Millennium Falcon and its not long before they also become a part of the adventure.


Another thing that I like about this film is that it takes elements from episode four A New Hope while also doing its own thing and there are several twists and turns that will keep you engaged right until the very end. The group touch down on a planet called Takodana and meet with cantina owner Maz Kanat who helps the group contact the resistance but not before Finn decides to strike out on his own and Rey flees after receiving some disturbing visions. Her Visions are not that clear but they do provide some more backstory and context for why the universe is currently like it is.


Rey capture and subsequent interrogation at the hands of Ren marks a shift in the film as it begins to take on more similarities to the events of episode four but lets not forget the amazing pilot skills of Poe who miraculously returns to help fight of the first Order. Finn’s fight with an unknown storm trooper was also pretty cool to watch as it was the first part in the film where a lightsaber was used for actual combat but have no fear as there is some proper lightsaber combat later on. We also get to see the devastating power of the Starkiller base in action which is good as it gives the audience a clear sense of the danger that our heroes now face.

Similarly it was pretty cool to see Rey start to get a hold of using the force and I have been told that the storm trooper that let her go was played by none other than Daniel Craig although I have no idea how true that is. Anyways the finale was very reminiscent of the events of episode four but they were on a much grander scale and the visual were absolutely incredible. I liked the trio of Finn, Han and Chewie as I thought that they all worked really well together and I wish we could have seen more of Han and Rey as they make for such a good team. Han’s promise to Leia to bring their son home saw a dramatic showdown between Han and Kylo Ren with an entirely expected outcome that is still shocking nonetheless.


Force Awakens is an incredible film and I particularly liked the lightsaber duels between Finn and Kylo Ren followed by Rey picking up where Finn leaves of as it shows just how much these characters have developed and that there is a very real opposition to the First Order and the Dark side. Rey’s fight with Kylo Ren is a brilliant Lightsaber duel as it both looks visually stunning and sounds great with the added benefit that it is a great climax to the film and I hope that we get to see them to fight again in another film.

All in all this film is very good and a great addition to the Star Wars Universe as it looks amazing, sounds incredible and has a pretty nice story to boot. The latter part of the Force Awakens did feel a bit familiar but for the most part it did its own thing and I hope episode 8 continues along that path instead of copying the events of say episode 5.

If you are a fan of Star Wars then you have probably already seen the film but if haven’t then I would highly recommend that you do so as it is a really cool film with a good story and an amazing cast.This film was more than worth the wait and I am glad that I got to see it with several of my good friends, if you have seen it then let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars the Force Awakens (Film Review)

  1. It is true: Daniel Craig did play that role. He was uncredited in the film itself, but he is credited on IMDB as “storm trooper JB-007.” lol I was really happy with this film, too, and not simply because I’ve decided to stop being “a Star Wars snob” (more on that below). I thought Episode VII was a great re-introduction of the franchise, correcting the mistakes of the past without totally rejecting them in the form of a god-forsaken “reboot.” Of course, this is one of J.J. Abrams’ talents, and Disney hired the right guy for the job. I feel like we’re going to see great things in Episodes VIII and IX.

      1. I ended up seeing the movie twice in theaters and I loved it! I didn’t recognize Daniel Craig’s voice the first time but definitely caught it the second time. Also Simon Pegg was the junk dealer Unkar Plutt from Jakku, which was another pretty awesome cameo.

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