Every year for the past few years my friends and I have set out on own to find a perfect gift for our secret santas and yesterday was the day that we all met up to exchange gifts. Normally we would meet much closer to christmas but with everyone having different schedules this was the best we could all do. However that is not necessarily a bad thing as it gave us more time to get presents and it helps to extend the christmas period a little bit with another excuse to meet up and have some fun.


Super Smash Bros for the Wii U was first on the agenda which was good as it gave us something to do and allowed people to join in as and when they arrived. While I don’t mind playing it I am not its biggest fan and this is due to the fact that I only really play it when I’m with friends and most of the matches end with myself near the bottom of the table. However something happened yesterday on one of the smallest maps in the game that saw me miraculously take out my good friend Jonny to take the number one spot for the first time ever and I just couldn’t believe it.


The victory was short lived as I plummeted back to the bottom in the very next game but luckily for me everyone had turned up by that point and we turned of the game in order to give out the presents. There were so many cool presents from Star Wars books Shakespearian style to home made projects and lots of filler games, the best part was Lewis’s reaction to the miniature pokemon figures that he had received and trying to guess who were our secret santas after the presents had all been given out.


After presents we had some food and sat down for a round of Werewolves of Millers Hollow which we had hoped to play at New Years but never got round to doing so. Lewis led us through the first game and it emerged that cupid a.k.a Chris had placed David and myself in Love, probably as some form of revenge on me as I had placed Chris and mother in love when we played it on his birthday. Much love Romeo and Juliet we were destined to die the very next night although I don’t remember there being any werewolves in Shakespeare’s classic tale of Love and tragedy.

Werwolves of Millers Hollow is an interesting game with the rest of the players lynching Jonny and Tom who both turned out to be werewolves and once again the village was safe. However a new game started and not only did lauren (the seer) manage to see one of the werewolf’s, but that werewolf was also in love with the other one. The lovers don’t tend to live long in that game and their deaths also saw the village survive to see another day, well apart from chris who sadly died at the hands of the werewolves before we were able to take them out of the game.


Once that game was over we dived in to more food and shared some pizza that had been bought by our hosts Becky and Jonny which was awfully nice of them. After that we decided to chance up the pace and tried out a game called Mafia da Cuba which david got as part of his secret santa present, it is a social deduction kind of game that had us takes various things from the godfathers box and the godfather (david) had to work out who took what.

I for one really enjoyed playing that game even though I had very little choice of what to take in two of the three rounds we played as in one I had to be a driver and in another I had to be a F.B.I agent but I didn’t really mind that one. There was a lot going on in this game with people taking all manner of things  but it seemed to be that Becky and Tom were spending most of their time taking diamonds from the Godfather. Lewis, Steph and Chris utilised accents and various mannerisms to add some flavour to the gaming experience which made things more interesting and I for one would like to see a game of that with everyone playing a different character.


By this point it was getting a bit late, with several people leaving as they had early starts the next morning that they needed to prepare for which saw us down to six people. With that many people we opted for a game of Betrayal at the house on the Hill. Last time we played this I did a pretty bad job as the traitor but this time seemed to go a lot better and I thought Steph did very well for her first go at this game.

We explored a lot and not only did I manage to acquire several items but I also managed to increase my stats to an insanely useful level. I have played this game on a number of occasions but this was the first time that I have ever seen 9 omens on the board before the haunt started and is something that I don’t think I will see again for quite a while.


What was funny about that game was that I gave up my idol to chris who subsequently lost it in a mirror, luckily for me I came across the same mirror later in the game and saw my idol transform into a revolver. Combing my dark dice, with my extra roll power and my revolver saw my abilities become stupidly overpowered and I felt a bit sorry for Becky who turned out to be a traitor after she failed the ninth haunt roll.

Becky did really well with the stats that her character had obtained before the haunt and even managed to take out Steph before she was able to throw her can of paint in to the room.  However I managed to use my considerable speed in order to break out of the room, grab the paint and break back in which allowed us to fully destroy the pentagram chamber. It was an interesting game and I think we all did very well and I for one had a lot of fun.



After that game we decided to call it a night and I just want to thank Lauren who turned out to be my secret santa for the awesome presents that you gave to me, they are so cool and I like them a lot. The Secret Santa meet up was a lot of fun and I had such a great day with everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their presents and I am looking forward to finding out who will be the next person that I have the pleasure of buying for.


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