City Centre Games

City Centre Games is a monthly board game evening that takes place at St. Stephen’s Church in Norwich and it is a great place to meet some new people. They always have a wide selection of games that are available for you to pick up and play as well a big group game of Werewolves of Millers Hollow.

This was my third vist to the city centre games event which just goes to show that it is a good place to come back to. There is a wide range of food on offer as well but I usually just go with the Lasagne as it is one of my favourite foods and the one they do tastes very nice. It is run by Ed, Mark and Lou who do and an incredible job of hosting the night, running the werewolves of millers hollow game and they are all very welcoming.

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Last time I was there I mostly played fillers such as Saboteur, One Night Resistance and Codenames which I really enjoyed teaching, even if I wasn’t giving the best clues that night.

At this months event I started with Ca$h & Gun$, a game that I have enjoyed playing in the past and I even played it in a tournament that was set up by Athena Games. I brought out my cathulu character that I won at the tournament and got to play with the power of the Kid who let me decide who to shoot after everyone else had already chosen.



Naturally this meant that in the first turn I was pointed at by not one, not two but four different guns. However I didn’t back down from the challenge and managed to survive which meant I got a share of the loot. The rest of the game went pretty well as I managed to pick up a fair bit of loot and came away with eighty eight thousand which was not bad but not god enough to take first as another player came away with an impressive one hundred and eleven thousand.

After that we were a bit undecided as to what we wanted to play but then someone said they wanted to learn how to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig, a game that I had brought to the evening and I was more than happy to teach it. Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a brilliant game that sees up to four players attempt to build castles, scoring points and competing for bonuses in order to score the most points at the end of the game.


Unfortunately we didn’t get to finish our game as one of the players had to head off early and another wanted to join in on the big group game of Werewolves of Millers Hollow that was about to start. It was a shame because both of the other players were doing very well and it was turning out to be a rather interesting game, had it continued I think we would have seen some rather high scores and some pretty cool castles.


Werewolves of Millers Hollow looked like it was going well and there were plenty of other board games going on which all looked very interesting but I had to leave a bit early as well.

The City Centre Games night is a monthly event and you can find out more about them on facebook and I highly recommend that you go and check them out. The people who run it and the people who go there are very welcoming and I am sure that you will have a good time if you do decide to pop along.


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