This week at NoBoG saw not one but two new games being played, well they were new to me anyways and it featured a game that was so much fun that it literally had Lewis and myself in tears. Plus we ended the night by having a go at a fun filler game called spyfall with some rather interesting results.


John aka Bork set things in motion as he always does, making sure that everyone was sorted in a game and after everyone else was set up I was then rescued by him and another James which led to playing yet another new game for me. We were playing a game called Acquire and while it was new to me it was actually first published in 1963 which makes it one of the oldest games that I have ever played at NoBoG.


Acquire is an interesting game that sees players place tiles down on a grid, founding hotels and taking shares with the object being to end up with the most money at the end. As the game goes on the larger hotels will take over the smaller ones and players with the most and second most will be given money as a result. The game started well as I managed to found a great number of the hotels and even managed to pick up a decent amount of shares.

However the tide started to turn and by the end of the game I was well down on money and lost out on two mergers that would have potentially given me a great deal of money. Towards the end I did manage to pull it back a bit but it was to little to late and the other James walked away with victory. I like the amount of strategy in this game as you have to think about where to place your tiles, what shares you want to buy and what you think might happen in the future. I really enjoyed playing this game and I would definitely play it again.


The other games being played that night were also finishing and while there was a call for people to play Avalon I decided to stick with John and James with Lewis joining us to make up a four player game of Hamsterrolle. Each player starts off with an identical set of wooden pieces with the aim being to place them all inside the wheel, however it is the rules for placing the objects that means you will have to start thinking creatively if you want to win.

Now this is a game that requires some dexterity and is not a serious game in the slightest, although it can get pretty tense when you are attempting to place an object in a precarious position inside the wheel. The amount of times we knocked objects out of the wheel in our attempts to get other ones in was crazy but not as crazy as the moment when John knocked over the wheel, accidentally ending the first game in the process.


The phrase you had to be there comes to mind as I can’t explain it any other way than by saying it caused so much laughter, mostly from Lewis and myself that it felt like my sides were splitting. It was truly incredible and probably the most fun that I have ever had while playing a game. From what I can gather there are not that many copies of this around so if you see it then I would highly recommend that you give it a go, trust me you will have so much fun.

Spyfall was the last game of the night and it sees a group of players who are all at the same location, except for one who is the Spy and it is their job to work out where they are before they are caught by the others. The way you do this is by asking each other questions in a way that lets other players know that you know where you are without giving the spy to much information and it is usually a lot of fun to play.


We ended up playing three rounds of Spyfall this week which saw us on a plane, in the crusader army and on a military base. I really enjoyed playing this game and it was a great way to end the night, although I can’t believe that John ended up being the spy three times in a row and walked away with three victories. Meanwhile I was under suspicion a lot which was probably due to the fact that I was giving rather vague philosophical answers to most of the questions that I was asked.

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6 thoughts on “SPY LAUGH GAME

  1. Acquire is a good game. I recently just learned it myself, though I’ve been seeing it around for years and years, of course. Unfortunately, I can hardly get anyone I know to play it, because none of my crew have any care for “finance” themed games. Same reason I’ve had Stock Market Guru for 20 years and only played it once… in my classroom! lol

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