The importance of being social

Weekends are great for kicking back, relaxing and spending time with friends and family which is exactly what I spent this past weekend doing. This past weekend saw the return of the monthly meals and our first one of 2016, it also saw a fair bit of social gaming but I will get to that in a little bit.

I have written a little bit about our monthly meals on this blog before and I just wanted to say that I really like that this is a thing because no matter what else is going on, an event such as this is a great way to catch up and it is always a lot of fun. As usual I had a classic burger which I enjoyed immensely but I decided to forgo having a pudding this time as it was pretty busy at the bar and I may have gotten a little distracted.


Speaking of distractions, the event was a much needed cheer up for many of us who might not have been having the best of times lately. January can be a difficult month to get to so it was nice to have a fun evening such as the ones we had at the monthly meal. I brought Codenames where I had words that worked so well together that I was able to give ridiculously good clues and Cards against humanity made its first appearance in ages which we managed to end with a four way tie.

Last of all we had a go at a game called Spyfall which I last played on tuesday, you can check out my blog about it here and it is a fun little game. Chris and Lauren did very well at being spies but what surprised me most was that andi was not a spy, especially as he usually turns out to be a werewolf when we play the one Night Ultimate werewolves games.  Lucky for me I didn’t have to be a spy as I am usually pretty bad at being the spy in Spyfall.


On the sunday I went to our local games store called Athena where they hold a wide variety of board, card and other game events. This time they were attempting to relaunch a monthly social gaming event which is a pretty good idea as it is always nice to play these sort of games. There was about a dozen of us at this event that saw me playing even more games of codenames but I didn’t mind as it is a pretty fun game.

After that we broke out werewolves of millers hollow which is not my favourite game to play but with this many people it wasn’t to bad. What was even better was that I got to be the seer which meant that I could look at other players cards but all I was able to see were the good guys. Luckily I managed to survive long enough to find the last werewolf and we won the game but I wasn’t quite as lucky in the next game even though there were now three werewolves.

Round 2 was hosted by my good friend David who did a good job despite missing that there was a third werewolf in the village but to be fair to him that werewolf did have their back to him and they weren’t a werwolf for long. The village team stuck lucky but lynching a player who turned out to be a werewolf in the first round for being to quiet, then the werewolves got lucky by taking out cupid who had made himself fall in love with the elder.

In the end the village team managed to win by lynching the remaining werewolf, although they came tantalisingly close to failure with only three remaining villagers by the end of the game. Lastly we played a bit of Snake oil but because we there were about a dozen of us it took quite a while to go round and there were only about three rounds played in total, in fact I had to miss the end of the third round to catch a train but apparently I managed to win that final round with my mistake grenade so yeah, it was a pretty fun afternoon.

That evening me and some friends met up online to play some games while chatting on Skype which was pretty fun. we did a little bit of board game online which sees players roll dice and try to reach a target number but with so many of us there it got a bit to crazy and I barely made it past 30. Most of the time I was either dead of incapacitated which was a bit annoying but it didn’t go on forever and we ended with a few of rounds of jackbox party games.


What was good about this past weekend was the fact that I got to spend it catching up with friends, playing games and even having a little to eat and drink on a saturday night in Norwich where there are many good times to be had. There were a lot of laughs and I even got to meet some new people as well which is always a good thing and I enjoyed this weekend a lot, whatever happens it is always important to try and do something social, especially with good friends.


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