This week saw a record number of people at the Mash Tun in Norwich for games at NoBoG with a total of 67 in attendance. Games were going on all over the place including Champions of Midgard, Pandemic and even some Hamsterrolle, a game that I had a ton of fun playing which you can read all about in my post entitled Spy Laugh Game.  This week saw the return of several good friends of mine and I joined Chris, Jonny and Martin for a game of Epic Spell wars Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre.


Chris and myself had both played it before but as it had been some time since we had played our first game we decided to double check what we needed to do. Meanwhile Jonny and Martin were doing really well for their first game as the sent their spells flying, however it was chris that delt the first major blow by causing massive damage to the others and myself. However it was not to last and he was soon eliminated but I can remember who by.

when you are eliminated from this game you gain a dead wizard card which helps the player by giving them a bonus when they begin the next round. The rounds go on for as long as players are able to stay alive with the ultimate goal of gaining two last wizard standing tokens. Winning one of these tokens places an awfully big target on your back as the other players start aiming their spells at you.


Speaking of spells there are a myriad of combinations that you can make with a wide variety of effects, combining multiple cards of the same type can often field more powerful attacks but you can also cast shorter spells if you want to go first. Timing is incredibly important in this game as what you do can alter who each player ends up targeting and the sooner you are able to cast the spell, the more likely you are to survive.

There were so many devesating spells in the game we played as they were a lot of fun to read out and it was pretty cool to see how they played out. As well as the spells we also had treasure which gives players special abilities such as adding to power rolls, healing on certain numbers or giving a player a boost when they need it most. There are certain combinations of treasure cards that work really well together and chris in particular which made him a force to be reckoned with, well until I stole one of his treasures anyways.

Each of us one round which meant the final round was an all v all battle to the death, no one was safe and the combination of spells was really interesting. It wasn’t long before Martin was eliminated while Chris, Jonny and Myself were all really close to death. There was very little that I could do at this point so I did the only thing I could do and let fate decide the outcome of the game.


My final card turned out to be a catastrophe for me, essentially it left the finale of the game to fate as each player would roll a dice and the lowest rollers would suffer damage equal to the number that they rolled. I had hoped to eliminate both Jonny and Chris but unfortunately for me, Jonny who was on two health only rolled a one which meant that he survived long enough to cast his final spell to take the ultimate victory.

After that we paired up with a group who had just finished playing a game of Pandemic and we began playing werewolves of Millers Hollow. It was a good opportunity for shaun to practice leading the game and he did well although I’m sure he could lead a great game with just a little bit more practice. Chris and Jonny were placed in love by Martin who also visited Chris in the middle of night, unfortunately the werewolves also visited Chris and the three of them were eliminated from the game.

It has been about a month since the main game that I have played at NoBoG has been a game that I have played before so it made for a nice change. It was also nice to see a few of my other friends there as they are not able to come as often as they used too.  This week at NoBoG was so much fun and I am looking forward to seeing what games will be available when I go again next tuesday.


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