Dice Master Extraordinaire

For some time now my good friend David has been playing a game called Marvel Dice Masters and every time he would talk about it I wouldn’t entirely understand what he was talking about. That is until earlier this week when I finally got the chance to give it a go in a match against Chris who is another of my good friends.

Marvel Dice Masters is a game designed by Elliott and Eric M. Lang that was first published in 2014 by Devir and WizKids Games. This is a game that sees players take control of a team of superheroes who are represented by dice and players can purchase dice from their team in order to unlock their abilities. The core of the game is rolling dice, unlocking more of your team and battling it out until one players life is reduced to zero.

What I liked about this game was that there are multiple copies of each hero that can be obtained which means that there is a lot of customisation and re-playability as you change and tweak your team in order to defeat your opponent. In this game my opponent was my good friend Chris who was also new to this game, he picked up The War of Light pack which is a collection of lanterns and it wasn’t long before he had his first team all sorted out.



Meanwhile I took a bit longer to decide what I wanted to do and in hindsight there were a few changes I could or maybe should have made. However I was happy with my team when I started as I selected a group of heroes that would help me draw more dice and that would do a lot of damage to my opponent when I attacked and also when i was attacked by them. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have to wait long for that to happen as Chris launched a devastating attack on my team of heroes.

It was lucky that I managed to get my beasts out quickly who were able to do some blocking which enabled me to get more dice out and this meant that I was also able to cycle threw my dice a lot faster as well. In addition to beast I had the Flash who would deal damage whenever I fielded another hero and an iron man which would do damage to the opponent when it was attacked. I did get other dice but they didn’t really do a lot for me.


As the game wore on I got a lot of support from Chris and David who were helping me to understand what the dice did and what kind of things would be best for me to do. My lack of experience started to show at this point as I lost more and more health to the point where I was on two health whereas Chris was on twelve. However I got lucky as Chris ended his turn with no dice left to protect him and I was able to field enough dice to hit him for twelve damage, knocking him out and winning me the game.

Overall I have to say that I really enjoyed playing Marvel Dice Masters and it is nice to finally understand it and what my friend is talking about when he talks about this game. Who knows I might even consider getting into this a little bit more as it would be nice to have another go at it but I think that it may just have to wait until some point in the future when I have enough money to invest my time and energy into keeping up with it.

Earlier this week I played Spirit Island at NoBoG.


5 thoughts on “Dice Master Extraordinaire

  1. It’s an excellent game! I’ve been playing for about a year now, and met some awesome people at the meetups. It’s interesting to see a game go through improvements in the early stages of it’s lifespan too.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I have only been playing since around april/may time but it has already changed a lot since then and I have managed to improve somewhat as well, do you have any particular sets or characters you like to use a lot?

      1. I love using rush characters and support for them like half elf bard. Usually, my comic shop does something different to mix every meet up, so I’ve learned to pull out some semi random cards and roll with it. This week’s our draft for the Green Arrow/Flash set.

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