SuperBowl 50

Superbowl 50 was always going to be an interesting affair and oh boy did it deliver, it was exciting, dramatic and incredible to watch. This was my third year in a row of watching the SuperBowl so I had some idea of what was going on, well for most of the time anyways, however one thing I did understand was the half time show led by Coldplay and a couple of special guests.


The 50th SuperBowl was a match up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, the match was held at Levi’s Stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area with some incredible looking weather and a stadium that was packed to the rafters with fans of both sides. While I don’t know a whole lot about the sport I do know about the Americans ability to put on a good show and what an incredible evening it was.

The last time that the Broncos were in the SuperBowl was two years ago when they played the Seattle Seahawks, you can check out what I thought of Seahawkes vs Broncos  by clicking on the link. While i don’t support any particular team I do like to pick on to root for on the night and this time I choose to support the Denver Broncos, mostly because I rooted against them when I last saw them play at the SuperBowl.


People that know me will know that I am not that into sports but there is just something about the SuperBowl that makes me want to watch it.  The SuperBowl is an exciting event with lots of drama, some incredible plays and moments that are truly unbelievable like when Cam Newton literally jumped over the Broncos defence in order to score a touchdown. Not only was it an a good play but it was amazing to watch.

At the half way point in the game the Broncos were in the lead with 10 points while the Panthers were trailing with seven, as soon as the players left the field they began setting up for the half time show which featured Coldplay as the headline act. Coldplay performed some of their signature tracks before bringing on Bruno Mars and Beyonce, they both had amazing entrances and watching them face off against each other before coming together to sing one final song was just brilliant as was seeing the history of the half time time show.


When the half time show was done the Broncos and Panthers returned to the field in order to play the final two quarters of the SuperBowl and at this point it was still all to play for. Both team made some good plays but both teams also made a few mistakes which meant that not a lot actually happened in the third quarter of the game. The Panthers tired hard to advance but they didn’t seem to be able to get it together, not only that but they struggled against the mighty defence of the Denver Broncos.

Towards the end of the game the Broncos had increased their score to 16 while the Panthers had only increased theirs to ten which meant it was still all to play for. Things were looking good for the panthers as they managed to keep Denver’s offence out of the end zone but a holding penalty of cornerback Josh Norman gave the Broncos a new set of downs. Denver used the opportunity to score a touchdown with Manning also completing a two point conversion pass, increasing their score to 24.


Carolina tried to make a comeback but by this point the game was pretty much over and everyone knew it, their comeback failed and they lost the game by 14 points. I can’t imagine what they must have been feeling at that point but I know exactly how the Broncos were feeling, seeing them win was good but seeing a SuperBowl such as this was absolutely incredible.


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