The House Party

While The SuperBowl was great to watch, it was nowhere near as good as going to Lauren and Andi’s first house party at their new place. The House Party was a great opportunity to show of their new place and to play some fun games with everyone.

I got there a little bit earlier than everyone else so I sat down and played a little bit of Mario Kart 8 with Andi which took some getting used to as I haven’t really had the chance to play it before then. However I was not sitting down for long because as soon as the majority of people arrived we were led through a secret door and down some steps into a pretty cool area of the property. I have no idea what they are going to do with it yet but it would be a cool place to play a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf.


After that we headed back upstairs but instead of playing games we just chatted for a while which was pretty nice as we had a good catch up. Eventually someone decided to get Smash Bros out and eight of us embarked on some truly epic battles, most of the time I was doing pretty badly but on one match I managed to survive long enough to stay in the game which was followed by a lucky strike on Lewis that secured second place.

IMG_20160206_195355844Following on from Smash Bros we went on to play some party games, taking it in turns to play as there were only four players at a time and there were 9 of us at this gathering. At one point David decided to steal chris’s seat and so Chris prominently decided to sit on him, unfortunately David didn’t give up that easily so they just sat together for a little while. Luckily for them and us all there was food on offer including a couple of pizzas and some garlic bread which meant the stalemate didn’t last for long.


What was good about this was that we had time just to hang out and have some fun, I can’t imagine just how long both Lauren and Andi have been waiting for a place of their own and I have to say that I am very happy for them. It will be nice to have yet another place to hang out. Well done to the both of them for getting their own place together and I just want to thank them for being such great hosts and congratulate them on their first successful house party.

Speaking of a house party, each of us brought a little bit of food and drink with us so we had plenty to go around, there were plenty of trips back and fourth from the kitchen to top up throughout the evening.  It was a nice evening and I enjoyed catching up with everyone, it was good just to chat and play some fun little games alongside and having a bite to eat and something to drink.


Once we were full from all the food we had just consumed, we sat down for A Game of Things which Lewis brought, we first played this at new years eve around Chris’s place and had a ton of fun with it. Essentially a player asks a question and everyone else writes an answer which sounds simple but the fun part is reading out the answers and trying to guess who wrote them which is something that I am not really that good at.

Most of my answers were guessed pretty easily and even when they weren’t I had no idea who had write them, well apart from a few obvious ones but they were usually guessed well before I got the opportunity to guess them. However I did manage to get at least a few points on the board but more importantly I had fun playing the game and it was a good laugh. In the end I think it was a joint win for Lewis and Becky, just goes to show you how well they know everyone I guess.


After it wrapped up we had a little bit more discussion and a few more little party games but by then it was getting late and the majority of people decided to call it a night. However Lewis and myself decided to stick around for a little bit to play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. To make it interesting we added a random card in every round and surprisingly the random player did very well for themselves as did Lewis who ran away with the lead.

In the end Lewis won the game, Lauren, Andi and the random player tied for second and I came in third with only one point, it didn’t really matter though as it was a fun game. After that we had a little bit of a chat before both Lewis and Myself headed out into the Night, bound for our respective homes. I just want to thank Lauren and Andi for being such great hosts and I am looking forward to spending more time there in the future.


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