The Mad Kings of NoBoG


This week saw the return of Castles of Mad King Ludwig in its first outing of 2016, this time I had two new players and I was interested to see how they would do. Just two week ago we had a guy from the EDP come down to take a look at our local gaming group and now a member of a local TV station called Mustard TV has come down to do a report on what we get up to at NoBoG. If you want to find out more I will post links to both pieces at the bottom of this post.

Both of the new players seemed keen to give the game a go which was good although as the game hadn’t been played in a while there was a fair bit of set up which would have been a lot longer if I had included the expansion pieces as well. However as it was their first game I thought that I would just keep it simple and before long we were off.

IMG_20160216_214842428I began the game as the Master Builder in order to better demonstrate what the role does to the two new players but it didn’t take long before they were drawing and rearranging the room tiles with confidence and strategy in mind. The main three bonuses were for people who built sleeping rooms, the most square footage of living rooms and for players who had a lot of small rooms which made the game pretty interesting.

Fortunately there were a lot of small rooms that came up in this game with a fair number of them also being living rooms, however only three sleeping rooms came out which made them highly sort after. Unfortunately the secret bonuses I had were for garden rooms and square rooms the latter of which would only net me an additional point, I did acquire another one which gave me points for 500 sized rooms but none of those came out.


(My Castle)

Meanwhile both of the other players were picking up a great deal more bonus cards but only the Red player really benefited from them as they were lucky enough to have bonus cards that matched well with the rooms they had already built. Speaking of Red, right from the start they stormed into the lead and managed to hold it for the entirety of the game which is impressive considering it was their first time playing Castles.

Both Blue and Myself did our best to catch up but we were nowhere near as good as Red who continued to pick up a lot of points by playing rooms that worked really well together. As the game progressed I also managed to get some quite nice combinations but I also struggled for money which meant that I had to waste a few turns to get more.


(Blue Castle)

During the game we managed to complete a couple of sleeping rooms which extended the overall playtime but eventually we were out of rooms to draw which meant it was time to tally up the scores. Somehow I managed to win two of the three main categories with joint second on the third and still only come second, then again I didn’t get a whole lot of points from my secret bonuses  so I can understand it.


Once all the scores had been counted and double checked, Red emerged victorious with a score of 104 which is very impressive. Meanwhile I got 88 and blue came in third with a score of 75 and while I know I could have done better, I had a really fun evening playing Castles of Mad King Ludwig and I’m glad that I was able to teach the game to a couple of people who had never played it before.


(Red Castle)

Castles of Mad King Ludwig was great and ended around 10 which is also when the people who I had been gaming with decided to head off, this meant I was free to see what else was going on in the Mash Tun.

I was hoping to jump on a filler game for the remainder of the evening but everyone else was still doing their games, so I just sat down with my good friends Chris and David who were playing Marvel Dice Masters and had a chat with them until I had to leave.



Before you go why not check out the report that Mustard TV did on NoBoG and well as the article that was published in the EDP.

NoBoG on Mustard TV

NoBoG in The EDP


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