This past weekend saw the continuation of social gaming at athena and the latest monthly meet up meal. Both of these events allow for an afternoon or an evening of catching up and playing a few games.


At the monthly meal there were around 10 of us, all catching up and having a laugh over some good food. I know that I have written about this all before but it really is nice to be able to have a regular meet up in place to be able to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

After we had finished evening my good friend chris broke out a print and play copy of a game called Secret Hitler which has been doing the rounds at NoBoG lately although i’m not sure if he was more excited about the game or about the fact we were playing something he brought for a change. With the help of Lewis, Chris ran through the rules and handed out the cards that saw myself and Jonny become fascists with Andy as our Secret Hitler.


I was elected as the first president with Andy as my chancellor and somehow drew three fascist policies which meant we were already on our way to completing our goal but it also meant that I was more than likely on the fascist team (which I was). The play progressed around with suspicions growing about certain players loyalties including my own, a suspicion that grew even more when I had to honestly tell Chris that I was indeed on the side of the fascists.

Now I did try to convince everyone that I wasn’t a fascist but I don’t think anyone was buying it, however as the game progressed we got to the point where we only need to elect the Secret Hitler as the chancellor to win the game. Fortunatly for us we had Jonny on our side who managed to convince the David the president to elect Andy as his chancellor, a decision that the majority at the table were in favour for and one that won us the game.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 09.27.50

Once we had finished Secret Hitler I went down get another drink from the bar and by the time I had come back they had already set up another game but to be fair to them I was down there for quite some time. Our second game of the evening was to be Bucket of Doom, a game in which a player reads out a scenario and everyone plays a card to resolve the situation with a bit of explanation as to how it would exactly help.

It reminds me a lot of Cards Against Humanity in that players try to solve situations with whacky answers but it is the explanations as to where you are most likely to pick up votes. Everyone got one go of reading out a question and I managed to pick up a couple of points by destroying the earth with a magnifying glass and putting on a certain type of beard to escape an avalanche.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 09.34.52

Bucket of Doom hasn’t been played in ages but it worked well with the number we had and it was an incredibly fun game. I liked the scenarios and the explanations everyone came up with and somehow we managed to end up with a four way tie for the lead. We did one more game of Love letter where I stormed out in the lead by taking the first two rounds which meant I was a target for the rest of the game which allowed Lauren to come through from behind to take the victory.

After that it was time to go home but just half a day later and I was already back in the city to do some social gaming at Athena as we got to play a few fun games. The main event was a game called Two Rooms and a Boom in which the blue team have got to keep their president away from the bomber but before that we got to play some One Night Ultimate Werewolf which was a lot of fun.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 09.28.59

In the first game we accidentally lynched an innocent villager after I started to believe David’s story that he wasn’t a werewolf but it turned out he was. In the second game we had no werewolves whatsoever so everyone just decided not to vote but the third was where it got really interesting.

The third and final game started me off with the role of the thief and when it came to my turn I swapped a card with my neighbour Hazel and when I looked at my new card I turned into a werewolf. When It came to the day phase I successfully managed to hide and plant suspicion on the neighbour I had swapped cards with only to find out that the troublemaker had swapped us back.

After a quick U-turn I revealed my neighbour as a werewolf and I managed to win as part of the village team despite temporally switching into a werewolf in the middle of the Night. After that we had enough players for a few rounds of Two Rooms and a Boom which is a lot of fun, especially when you start adding in characters such as the hot potato, the robot and the clone. There was a lot of deduction and being transferred between rooms going on but at least I got to be on the winning side a couple of times.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 09.29.11

Last of all we played Saboteur which is a game involving players attempting to find gold in one of three chests but there are also players who want to sabotage everyone else from getting anywhere near the treasure. Which ever side wins gets the gold and the one with the most gold after three rounds is declared the winner, now in the first round I was a saboteur with no idea who was on my side and even though I eventually figured out it was my good friend David, we were unable to stop them for getting to the treasure in time.

Fortunately in the second round I was on the side of the good guys and managed to figure out who the saboteurs were pretty quickly, this meant that once again the good guys got the gold and I had some points at least. The third and final round went so much easier with only one saboteur which meant it was easy to get to the gold, I only wish that I had got to the gold sooner instead of wasting a turn as I would have probably come away with a few more points that I did.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 09.30.15

Overall this weekend has been a lot of fun, it has been great catching up with friends as well as playing lots of games including some which I have never played before. If you are in or around norwich then I would highly recommend social gaming at Athena as it is a great way to meet new people and try out a few games that you might not get to play that often.


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