Monthly Board Games at Athena

Once a month Athena Games in Norwich host a special evening devoted to board games where they provide a selection of games for people to have a go at as well as selecting one new game to demo. This month it was the turn of Boss Monster which is a game I am very familiar with but haven’t had the chance to play in quite a while.

The good people at Athena were setting up when I got there a bit before 6 which meant that I was able to get in on the very first demo game of Boss Monster that was to be played that evening. I drew Cleopatra from the Boss deck and began selecting my first room for my dungeon in order to attract the heroes that would be appearing in the town.

The aim of the game is to attract heroes to your dungeon with the hope that you will be able to eliminate them before they reach your boss. If you do then you collect their souls which is good because the first to reach 10 will win the game but if they get through they will wound you, if you get five wounds then you are out of the game.


Heroes are attracted by certain dungeon types but they only go to the player who has the most of the type they want. Getting a good balance between the types of rooms you have, their abilities and knowing when to use the spell cards is the key to doing well at this game. It also helps to know the cards and what combinations work best but sometimes letting people take the lead can take a good thing as it makes them more of a target.

In our game we had a player reach 9 souls before coming under heavy fire from the other players including me, I was able to steal a hero that was destined to enter his dungeon. We were able to delay him long enough for the epic heros to come out, these epic heroes proved to strong and eliminated the leader. His elimination was also due to the involvement of another player who also took out a second player.

Meanwhile I was plodding along, collecting a soul here and a soul there. I was just trying to survive and it was that survival that saw myself building rooms strong enough to defeat two level 13 heroes. Defeating those two epic heroes gained me four souls for a total of ten, I had just won my first ever game of Boss monster and safe to say that I was excited about this. I also found out that Athena are having a Boss Monster tournament on the 28th of March so I will definitely be attending that.


After we finished with Boss Monster we were looking for a new game to play when we spotted that there was a copy of Dead of Winter. The four of us that included two new players, my good friend David and myself sat down to play the short entry scenario entitled We Need More Samples. I promptly set up the game, explained the rules to the best of my ability and with a lot of help from my good friend David and we were away.

Our scenario involved killing zombies and attempting to take samples from them by rolling a dice, we got so good at this that it only took us a few rounds to complete the scenario. I think we got pretty lucky with our roles and we only lost one character between us which was pretty good going. However despite completing the group scenario there were only two of us who had completed our secret objectives so both David and Myself still lost while both of the new players won.


At the end of Night we sat down for one last game of Mafia, we had four guys and two girls plus one person who acted as the moderator. Our first game saw the two girls eliminated on night one and a long first day that ended up with the remaining guys lynching me. It turned out that David was the mafia and he won after night two by eliminating his remaining opposition. Fortunately the second game went a lot better for the town as we managed to find and eliminate the mafia after the first night.

Overall I had a great time at Athena’s Monthly Board Game evening and I am glad that I got to play such a good variety of games with a lot of amazing people. It was good to meet some new gamers and I was over the moon to win my first game of Boss Monster, at least I won’t have to wait long until I have another chance to play games at this fantastic venue.



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