London has Fallen (Review)

Last week I had the opportunity to watch a film called Olympus has fallen starring Gerard Butler (Mike Banning)and this week I got the chance to watch its successor. This time the secret service agent did his best to protect the president during an attack on London.

After watching a few reviews I knew that this film wasn’t going to win best film of 2016 or anything, I just knew it would be a bit of fun and it was.

London has Fallen was a lot grander in scale than its predecessor in practically every way imaginable. It was a bit slow to start but once it arrived in London and the bad guys started their plan, it all got a lot more intense.

There were some really interesting set pieces in this film but there were also a few that were a bit far fetched. All I can say is that I really can’t wait to see the video Cinema Sins will do about this film.

After the events of the last film Morgan Freeman was promoted from speaker of the house to the vice president. It was cool to see him back on screen and while he wasn’t the sole focus, it would have been good to have seen more of him.

Speaking of lack of screen time, Julia Montgomery Brown plays Gerard Butlers of screen wife and while she had a bit more screen time it still wasn’t much. Plus she is only credited as Bowman’s wife which is a real shame.

Also returning for this film was Aaron Eckhart in his role as the president. Not only was it good to see him but it was great that he finally got to be involved in taking down the bad guys.

However as the film was coming to a close it was inevitable that the main heroics would solely land on the shoulders of Gerard Butler. It was an intense action sequence that was really cool to watch.

If you are going into this film expecting a cinematic masterpiece then you will be greatly disappointed. However if you are a fan of action films, cheesy one liners and just want a bit of fun then this is the film for you.

Either way, you should definitely go and watch Olympus has fallen first as it was the better of the two. London has Fallen is a good film but I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of people waited until it was on TV.



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