Drinking and Deduction

This week at NoBoG we competed in an all Vt all drinking contest in the form of a board game called Red Dragon inn followed by a few rounds of deduction as we tried to figure out which one of us committed a murder in CS Files.

There is nothing better than going to a pub after a long day of adventuring, in Red Dragon inn we had 6 players taking control of a character as they attempt to play cards to knock out their opponents.  Some characters have special abilities such as the piety lady I was playing who had different abilities depending on how pious I was, there were some who could brew potions and some who could build all manner of weird and wacky contraptions.


On our table we had Owen, Shaun, Jonathan, Chris, Andy and myself, after a quick set up and a bit of rules explanation we were ready to go. On a turn a player can play an action that affects another player provided they are not able to fight back, they buy a drink for another play and then drink a drink themselves unless they can stop it. Players are eliminated if their health meets their level of drink so you have to be careful when it comes to deciding when to play cards.

Another option players have is to start a round of gambling, generally every player goes in on this unless they can find a way to get out of it of course. However I thought I would go in on the first round as it is good to have more money, especially because if you don’t have any then you are eliminated from the game. Players can then play cards to win the hand but I wasn’t in a good position to win it but I wasn’t to bummed about it.


One of my strategies in that game is to try and eliminate another player as early as possible which can make some enemies so it is useful to have some allies as well. I spent a few rounds attacking Andy’s character which seemed like a good idea at the time, that is until karma came back around and I was hit with a massive 9 points worth of drinks with absolutely no way to stop it.

Despite being incredibly close to elimination I managed to completely take out Andy and lower Shaun’s health to only one point from elimination. Sadly he didn’t last long as Chris lined up the shot and eliminated him on his next turn. Jonathan was also eliminated by this point due to needing to leave a bit early which meant that there was only Owen, Chris and myself left in the game.

Chris and Owen had a fair bit of health left and both of them could have eliminated me with not much trouble but I was kept around in order to provide some assistance. Mostly I was just trying to survive while simultaneously working on a way to take Owen out but Chris managed it before I was ready to execute my manoeuvre. At this point my defeat was inevitable but I didn’t want to make it to easy for Chris and I survived long enough to do a bit of damage, before long though I was also eliminated and Chris emerged victorious.


Owen Shaun and Chris left us at this point, in their place was Alex, David and Martin who came to join us for a few rounds of my newest deduction game known as CS Files. Once again I took the role of the forensic scientist who was attempting to lead the players toward a target in their midst. The first round started well with the players starting to close in on Alex who had picked a candlestick as his clue and Majong Tiles as his murder weapon.

Unfortunately the other players started going away from my intended target and once they had used all their guesses, Alex revealed his true identity before asking to take on the role of the forensic scientist in the next round. Once the next round was set up and ready to go I became super suspicious of David and I was convinced he was the murder and I was gutted when I got it wrong, I was even more gutted when it turned out he was the murderer and he had gotten away with the win.


Alex maintained control of the forensic scientist into the third round that saw our numbers increase to 6, this was good as it meant I could add the accomplice and the witness to the mix. The accomplice knows who the murder is and what they have picked and aids them by detracting attention away from them. Meanwhile the witness knows who the baddies are but they don’t know which one is which, however they can’t outright saw who they are because if the murder finds them after getting caught then they can still win the game.

Having more players and more roles made the game a lot more interesting as there is even more to think about on both sides. Alex did an incredible job of pointing us towards the murder who turned out to be Ben despite Andy’s attempts to steer attention towards me. We were also really lucky with the tiles that came out as Martin was able to correctly guess the murder weapon and clue that Ben had picked, unfortunately he also managed to figure out who they witness was which meant that Ben and Andy still got away with the win.


This week I had a really fun evening at NoBoG, playing Red Dragon Inn after so long was amazing and I was so happy to get CS Files to the table where I could teach it to some players who had never played it before. I came second in Red Dragon Inn despite taking 9 drinks in a single round and somehow I managed to find a player who could be a really good forensic scientist, I wonder what will happen next week.


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