Return of the Master Builder

Castles of Mad King Ludwig made it to the table for the third time in 2016 on tuesday with another four player game. At first we struggled to find a space with decent enough lighting but we got lucky and a spot opened up right when we needed it. Elliott brought his latest prototype to the table which I had the pleasure of play testing a couple of weeks ago at Athena Games in Norwich.


Most of the players at the table already knew how to play including my good friend Jamie who also owns the game. Being able to set up the game while Jamie explained the rules helped a lot as it meant that the set up time didn’t take quite as long. I also threw in the secret passageways from the expansion asI wanted to see how they would work with new and old players.

The open favours were mostly sized based ones as we were looking for players who had the highest square footage of living, entertainment and corridor type rooms. Unfortunately for me my secret favours didn’t synch up with these really well, that is until I got one that rewarded living rooms.


Two of the castles

I don’t know how well the other players secret favours matched the open ones but there was one player who got some great synergy with the rooms they placed and that was my good friend Jamie. He placed the tiles in such a way that allowed him to score big points as well as putting him in the lead for the most square footage of living rooms.

Now there was absolutely no way that I was going to knock him off the first spot but I tried my best and by the end of the game I managed to secure second place in that category. However it did take a lot of my money to do it which was a shame because it meant that I was a bit restricted in terms of what I could towards the end of the game.


My Castle 

In the last few rounds I fought a tense battle for leadership in the entertainment favour with the new guy at the table. We each racked up a fair few points in this mission but in the end I won the day by a mere 50 square foot which gave me the bonus 8 points. I also did fairly well on my bonus cards in the end by even that wasn’t quite good enough to take the lead.

Even with those extra points for the bonuses I still only managed third place in this game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig. It was great to see everyone doing so well and I have to congratulate jamie on his masterful victory. It has only been a couple of weeks since I last got this game to the table and it has been really nice to share it with everyone.


Jamie’s Castle

Throwing in the secret passageways proved to be an interesting affair as it led to some crazy point scores, especially when it came to the double scoring Jamie’s living room. We all agreed that it was a little bit overpowered and broke the game a little bit but it was fun to give it a go and hopefully I will get to try the over elements of the games expansion in the near future.

After we finished packing away we sat and had a little bit of a chat, that is until we were greeted by the possibility of playing love Letter. It has been quite a while since I last played this game but I couldn’t resist giving the Adventure Time version a quick play though.


We ended up only doing two rounds of the Adventure Time themed Love Letter game. It doesn’t really add another new to the game but I don’t mind as the theme is actually pretty cool. I would have stayed to play a game of Avalon with everyone but I had been in Norwich all day by that point and I was starting to get a little tired by that point.


Elliott managed to get the prototype of his latest game to the table at NoBoG this week and it was good to see everyone looking engaged and interested in what was going on. I had the pleasure of play testing this a couple of weeks ago at Athena and I had a great time playing it. It will be interesting to see how this game develops and I am looking forward to giving it another go at some point in the future.



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